We are starting the selection of “Mother Fletcher’s Gift:

This is a summary of the story:

A policeman in Harlem meets one of the neighborhood’s most well-known citizens–the elderly Mother Fletcher. Mother Fletcher invites the policeman and his family to Christmas dinner. The policeman would rather not go, but his wife and daughter insist. They have a wonderful visit, each learning someting new about the spirit of giving.

We will be focusing on Character in this selection. Understanding and learning who the characters personalities are is a comprehension skill. You understand and know a character by their words and actions as well as the way others speak and act toward them. we are also focusing on word structure and Latin and greek roots to understand unknown words.

Vocabulary words:

apparently: seemingly; with the appearance of

fixtures: things putin place to stay

Incident: something that happens, an event

subscribe: to give your consent or approval, agree

survive: to continue to exist

flimsey: easily torn or broken, not strongly made