Sixth Grade

Welcome to Scotland Elementary School’s Super Sixth Grade!

It appears that spring is here! We are coming down to the finish line for sixth grade! On to Parish Hill next fall for this great bunch of students! But not quite yet!

We will be starting SBAC when we get back from the spring break. The 3rd and 4th grades will start on April 20th wiht 5th and 6th following. We will be starting with language arts and then doing math. This will give us a little bit more time to prepare for math.

Speaking of math, we will be starting a new unit when we return. We will probably look at area and volume as that seems to be something that is easily forgotten. In reading, I hope to start a new novel with the class.

We have been doing the activities and lessons from SCOPE magazine. These magazines have a lot of terrific articles. I will be sending some home for the summer as well for students to read as they are very timely and interesting.

Writing a great introduction will improve any expository writing. And wrapping the esay up wotj a clear concise cinclusion makes informational writing much more professional. We will be working on writing terrific attention grabbing leads as well as interesting and informative topic sentences. then we’ll akso be learning how to write those conclusions that wrap up the writer’s ideas. Grammar continues wiht different parts of speech and spelling has all sorts of challenging work lists

In social studies, we are working on a project in technology that will allow the students to apply the 5 themes of geography to create a slide presentation about a country that they chose. They have done super work with the technology projects, and I’m sure this one will be no different. We will also be looking at mapskills and geological features as well.

This past session of distance learning has been challenging. I think we are all tired of looking at computer screens, glitchy internet, and trying to download assignments. However, the sixth graders have been excellent at meeting these challenges. We have had the best attendance and work completion th past two weeks than any of the previous distnace sessions. I do not think either Zoom or the internet have been so great at these challenges this time! I think we had the worst internet preformance to date! But thekids stuck with it. They may have been knocked off many times a day, but most kept trying to gt back on. Or they e-mailed to tell me they wer having issues. I thought their persistence was exceptional! let’s all hope that this is the last time we have to go to distaqnce learning!

We are entering the homestretch of 6th grade. The sixth graders need to stay focused in order to end the year successfully. we still have a lot to learn to get ready for their next step on the academic ladder.

Susan Sullivan

PS As always please feel free to contact me through e-mail with any questions or concerns.