Sixth Grade

Welcome to Scotland’s Sixth Grade!

May is here!

Our flower fundraiser was very successful! The garden items will be arriving around Mother’s Day. More information is coming in the future.

May is a crazy, exciting month with lots of “stuff” happening. We are wrapping up on sixth grade and preparing for seventh grade and the transition to Parish Hill. The counselor, Darcy Baran, will be visiting May 19th go over forms and schedules and other important items. We will then be taking a tour of the school May 24th. Sadly, they are not giving us lunch.

We will be having SBAC testing the third week of May, the 16th -20th. Makeup testing will occur the next week. This test is important for sixth graders as the scores will be used to place students in different classes. Please measure you child gets lots of sleep and outdoor exercise. Getting outside and running around will really help relieve the stress of this testing. Eating right will also help keep your sixth grader sharp and focused. we will be testing in the morning.

We are currently halfway through the chapter on fractions in math. We should finish it pretty quickly. Make sure your child is doing Reflex consistently. It is not only a grade, but helps them become fluent in their math facts. Understanding math facts is critical for working with fractions. We are also doing SBAC examples for them to practice what the problems will look like and gain some understanding as to solving them.

Putting a polish on their expository writing with effective introductions and conclusions promises to make their writing shine! The entire class has come a long way in writing expository writing. they are much better organized, use more interesting vocabulary ass well as a variety of sentence structure and length. Once they can write expository, it will be very simple to transition to opinion writing. Their first chance of writing an opinion piece will be in technology. they are creating a podcast to not only inform but persuade people to take action on some current topic. . Already I’m seeing improved introductions, interesting main ideas, and elaborated details.

SAVE THE DATE! The sixth grade celebration will be Thursday June 9th. at 6;30 in our gym. Friday the tenth, we will head out to \High Meadows for a day of relaxation, fun and food! Monday the 13th is the last day of 6th grade and is optional for sixth graders as well as an early release day.

I will be sending out quite a bit of information over the next few weeks. There will be hard copies in Friday Folders and I will follow up with e-mails.

Susan Sullivan

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at I try to answer with in 12 hours.