Weekly Schedule

Our Specials Schedule:

2017 to 2018 scheduleWEEKLY SCHEDULE

The Pre-K Four day is full of excitement!  This schedule includes our regular routines, specials, snacks, whole group time, cooperative group time (small groups), rest, recess, and center choices.  Pre-K Four students will spend the mornings with Mrs. Marsalisi and Miss Brenda. The morning will include morning meeting, math time, specials, and more.  In the afternoon, Pre-K Four students will join the Pre-K Three students in Mrs. Sweat’s classroom.  During this time, students will engage in literacy activities, visit centers, enjoy afternoon snack, and explore at recess.  Social studies and science are integrated throughout the day.

The schedule is designed to balance structured and unstructured time and to be as consistent as possible for the students. In Pre-K, our day can take many twists and turns based on the children’s needs and engagement.  Therefore, there are times where we may change our schedule to accommodate our busy learners.

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