Pre-K – 4


Ms. Jessica Ristow


Hello and welcome to the Pre-K Four page!  I’m Miss Ristow and I’m excited to begin our new primary wing program with our young learners.  I’ve been a part of many preschool classrooms, whether I was the teacher, an assistant, or a teammate.  At Eastern Connecticut State University, I studied Early Childhood Education and Sociology.  I most recently attended Quinnipiac University to further my education, earning a Masters of Science in Teacher Leadership with a concentration on Literacy.  I love teaching in early childhood classrooms because I get to witness so many amazing milestones and achievements as these children grow each day.  I am ready for an awesome adventure with the Pre-K Four and Kindergarten students!

This year is going to be full of exploration and we will create many memories.  Children will spend mornings with kindergarteners, enjoying math time and specials together.  In the afternoon, students will join the other preschool students for centers and literacy instruction.  Science and social studies will be integrated throughout our day.  Within the Pre-K Four day, students will have the opportunity to develop key social skills, like cooperation, leadership, and expression, and their learning will be based on their developmental need.  In our classrooms, children will take an active role in their educations through sharing, questioning, discovering, and, most importantly, playing!  There are many centers to visit in Pre-K, from construction to dramatic play and from library to creative expression and more. I encourage and invite families to become partners with me in their child’s education through communication and volunteer opportunities.  Please feel free to email me with any comments or questions at  Also, explore the tabs on the Pre-K 4 page to learn more about the program and our classroom.  I look forward to getting to know the students and their families!

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