PreK-3/4 News

May 10, 2019

This week the preschoolers enjoyed many activities about flowers.  We experimented with coloring flowers by adding food color to water.  Children predicted what might happen, some responses included: “The flowers will die”, “Turn red and yellow”, “Grow taller” and “Stay white”  The very next day everyone was delighted to see that our white carnations were tinged with orange! We made the observation that they smell the same but look different.  All week long we talked about the parts of a plant/flower. We looked at real flowers and identified the stem, leaves, bud and blossom. Then the children sorted parts of fake flowers into those categories.  Children also practiced counting 1-10 when they “planted” flowers in a garden. We made tissue paper flowers that we will add to our Rainforest mural that is displayed in the hallway at school. There is a special surprise for Mother’s Day that the children put a lot of love into.  I hope that all of the children try to sing the special Mother’s Day song that we learned. (Hint: it sounds like BINGO.)

Prek 4 children have been working very hard at skills to prepare them for Kindergarten.   One of these is recognizing rhyming words, which they have gotten quite good at. Some of the kiddos are also beginning to try to write words on their own.  It’s awesome to see how far they have all come. Such smart little people. Our letter focus was N. We guessed words that start with N and also practiced writing the letter using special magna doodle writing boards.  All of the preschoolers also enjoyed singing a silly letter N song about Nathaniel and his Nanny Goat! I wonder how many of the boys and girls can sing that for you?

I wish all of the preschool Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope you enjoy a restful Sunday.

Mrs. Sweat