PreK-3/4 News

October 9, 2020

We had a full busy week in preschool.  We learned about the season of fall and fire safety.   The children loved going on a fall scavenger hunt looking for signs of the new season.  We found leaves of many colors, sticks and acorns.  We weren’t lucky enough to find any pine cones or see any squirrels though.  Everyone made beautiful tissue leaves for our autumn bulletin board.  We also went on a leaf hunt and found more leaves to take a closer look at.  The class talked about types of leaves, as well as colors and sizes of leaves too.  Preschoolers learned the word veins to refer to the lines on the leaf.  They also learned how to make a leaf rubbing picture by using the side of a crayon.  

For fire safety week, we talked about and practiced stop, drop and roll, when/if a fire gets on our clothes.   Together we read our scholastic magazine about being a firefighter and the children learned another new vocabulary word: gear.  (All of the clothes and tools that they use to do their job.)  The boys and girls played 2 different games on the smartboard that helped them to learn about things that can be hot and that they should not touch!  Children enjoyed watching videos about putting out fires and a song about the firetruck.  We practiced naming shapes and then using paper cut outs to create a firetruck.  Our culmination was when the Scotland Fire Department came to our school and talked to us about fire safety.  Then, yours truly put on all of the fireman’s gear to show the children that even though I may have looked different with all of the gear on, I was still the same person.  

Our special letter this week was E.  This can be a tricky letter because it can make 2 different sounds, long or short.  We practiced building the letter with paper strips and also used our keen eyes to find upper and lowercase letter E on a paper with many other letters.  The trickiest E activity was sorting objects by the sound the letter E made,  These smart kiddos did a really good job with this challenge!  We finished the week by practicing writing the letter.  

Please remember that the school is closed on Monday and Tuesday, 

October 12th and 13th.  

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Sweat   🙂