May 19, 2017

This week we continued our study of flowers and their growth.  The children did a great job putting together  flower puzzles, showing the roots first underground and then placing the other parts growing upwards from there.  We once again practiced our counting skills when each child had to place fingerprint flower petals on a picture according to what number was shown on the top of a stem.  It was a bit tricky for some of the friends to remember the number names and show those petals where they weren’t overlapping.  It was still fun to get our fingers, (and some hands), all “inky.”  The children also worked on a science experiment where we added food coloring to a bottle of water and then placed white carnations into the bottle.  I posed questions like, where does the water go? and what will happen to the flower when the water is a different color?  We talked about how the stem acts like a straw, sucking the water up into the flower head.  We could see how this happened when our carnation actually began turning green from the green water that it drank.   We decided to add blue and red food coloring to a second container and we are excitedly awaiting what will happen.  The children guessed a myriad of color options, but none of them purple!  🙂  

Our second concept that we are working, patterning has also proven to be a good learning experience too.  We read stories that showed amazing photographs of natural objects with patterns.  We practiced patterning while playing games on the smartboard and also created  patterns with our bodies.  The children lined up in a boy/girl pattern as we dismissed for snack.  On Friday, each child picked 2 shapes and created their own pattern.  Many of the preschoolers did this completely independently.  

I hope that your child shared the awesome experience that we had on Thursday with retired NBA player  Joe Odhiambo.  He shared his skills by demonstrating some cool tricks of ball spinning, dribbling and even juggling.  Joe also invited many children out onto the court to try those same tricks.  It was really an amazing time.  

A few reminders:  The Mystic Aquarium trip is next Thursday.  We are asking that chaperone’s arrive at school for 8:30 and go to the cafeteria where we will all meet before getting on the bus.  Another reminder about the NAEYC surveys:  If  you have not returned it to school, please do so as soon as possible.  Thank you for your help.

Mrs. Sweat