PreK-3/4 News



                                 November 2, 2108

We had a fun and creepy week talking all about SPIDERS!  We read many books about these somewhat intimidating critters, some fiction and some nonfiction.  Children and teachers alike were surprised to learn some very interesting spider names. For example, violin spider, crab spider and ant spider.  We talked about how all spiders have 8 legs and 2 body parts. Also, most of them have 8 eyes as well. The preschoolers practiced their math skills, sorting and graphing colorful spiders and then compared which color had the most and the least.  First they did this just by looking at the graph and then we counted to make sure that we were correct. Children also practiced counting and number recognition skills when they counted dots drawn on a spider and then matched the spider to a number on a web.  Speaking of webs, the children played a fun game with webs. They were divided into 2 teams and then they tossed plastic spiders onto pretend webs. Once again they compared which web was the “stickiest” and caught more of the spiders. We also created sparkling web pictures that looked like a web on a dewy morning.  We talked a lot about what a spider uses its web for; a home, to catch food and to lay eggs. One other thing we did was take a survey regarding whether or not children like or dislike spiders. Ten children participated; 6 do not like spiders and 4 do like them! Brave kids! 🙂


The children have been learning about the letter H.  They made letter H heart pictures with Ms. Terry and practiced the H sound too.  (Fanning their face as if they are hot while breathing out as if panting.) I read a book called Hannah Helps Her Mom and we listened for all of the times we heard the letter H sound.  Everyone helped to sort letter cards with a special focus on the letter H. The boys and girls put H cards on a house picture, other letters were placed outside the house. As they did this, they practiced the sound that each letter makes.  

A special thank you to the parents who made donations to our class through the book fair.  I was able to purchase 6 new books that I’m sure the children will love!

Reminders for next week:  No school on Tuesday

Early release days on Thursday and Friday for parent                    

teacher conferences, dismissal is at 1:00.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Sweat