PreK-3/4 News


January 24, 2020

We started off our short week with a talk about why we got to have an extra day at home this past weekend.  The preschoolers listened to a book about Martin Luther King. The class discussed kindness and using words because we are all the same and need to be treated equally.  They brought home heart pictures with their own kind words about how we can keep our classroom a peaceful place to be.  

We switched gears to to learn about Chinese New Year, which begins this Saturday.   We learned all about different things that the Chinese culture consider to be lucky, like the color red, dragons and giving out red money envelopes.  The group watched a video about the celebrations and saw a parade with a big, beautiful dragon puppet. Each child created their own dragon mask that they used to dance as they listened to traditional chinese music.  The boys and girls practiced counting and number recognition when they each received a lucky red envelope with coins inside. They counted how many and then found the number to match. We made chinese lanterns as part of our study as well.  The lantern symbolizes a wish for a bright future. Finally, we are lucky enough to have Mrs. J working in our classroom and she brought in for us some traditional Chinese dresses. They were very beautiful!  


Our letter focus this week is S.  The children enjoyed helping to make a batch of playdough and then use it to roll out snakes and put them into the shape of the letter.  Then they did an amazing job guessing pictures on word/picture cards. They discovered that there are sooo many words that begin with the letter S.  Additionally, these kids have an awesome “ear’ for detecting the sound S makes. They have been pointing it out to me all week long when we are reading stories, singing songs and just in conversation.  Lastly, we practiced writing S in trays of sand, using our fingers. This was super fun and enjoyed by all.   

Please remember that we try to go outside everyday, weather permitting.  If your child does not have snow clothes, (boots, pants and mittens), they will not be allowed to play in most areas of the playground.  

We have found a pair of mittens in the classroom.  They are black/dark gray with a yellow cuff and the Batman logo on the yellow.  If they belong to you please let me know and we will be sure to send it home in a backpack.

Finally, next Friday is Football Friday.  We will be participating in some fun activities.  All children and staff are encouraged to wear colors, shirts, or hats of your favorite football team.  

As always I hope you have a relaxing weekend. 

Mrs. Sweat