PreK-3/4 News



November 8, 2019

The past two weeks have been full of fun and learning in the preschool classroom.  Last week we continued our investigations of pumpkins and had our marble party! All of the children had the opportunity to taste seeds from the pumpkin that we cut open.  We graphed who liked them and who didn’t. Many of the children enjoyed the toasted seeds. Mr. C gave the children a special treat and they watched “Spookily the Pumpkin” video.  It’s a great story about accepting people’s differences. Or pumpkin’s differences. 🙂 I also read the book to the children and they each made a special and different pumpkin for “Spookily’s Pumpkin Patch.”  This featured pumpkins of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. Another activity that we participated in was sequencing the “Five Little Pumpkins” on the gate. Children cut and ordered the numbers 1-5.  

We learned about the letter H and discovered many words that have that sound at the beginning. The boys and girls loved trying to guess objects that started with the letter when they put their hand in a box and had to feel the object.  It was tricky but with clues from me, they figured out most of the items. I was very impressed with how all of the children were able to write the letter and create colorful hand pictures.  

Our focus this week was our names.  On Monday, each child received a tray with rice and inside the letters of their name were hidden.  Once they found them, they were asked to make their name. The children practiced putting the letters of their name together in some very creative ways.  I hope they will continue to use their duplo blocks to practice sequencing the letters in their names at home. Everyone is working hard at trying to write the letters as well.   I’m very proud of all of them for all of their hard work. I especially love how many of the children are also trying to write their friends’ names as well.  

Don’t forget that Monday is a holiday.  The school will be closed in observance of Veteran’s Day.  Enjoy your long weekend.

Mrs. Sweat