June 9, 2017

We are in the home stretch!  It was such a busy week with so many activities going on.  I decided to “go with it” and have some fun.  This week our activities all were based on ice cream.  🙂  We practiced our patterning skills playing a game on the smartboard where we had to find the next ice cream flavor.  The children were introduced to a new type of pattern AABB.  They did well figuring out what came next.  Preschoolers also practiced other math skills when putting cones in order from biggest to smallest.  After they finished ordering the pictures, everyone colored them and some came up with tasty sounding flavors.  One of my favorites was “Banana!”  We graphed our favorite flavors of ice cream and I was surprised to see that strawberry was the most popular.  The culmination of the week’s activities was making homemade ice cream for a marble reward.  I think everyone really liked it, but I may have spoiled a few lunches silling up their bellies with a sweet treat just before heading to the cafeteria.  

We made the best of our field day despite the rain on Tuesday.  All of the children were very busy going from activity to activity.  I think they had the most fun playing “Animal Rescue.”  The kids partnered with a friend and then took turns pulling each other on scooters to collect little bean bag animals.  I hope you had a chance to read one of the books that your child picked from the book give away.  One of our teachers has quite a collection of books and she generously donated them to the children.  

All of the children did a great job at the concert on Wednesday.  It isn’t easy to get up on stage and sing in front of such a large audience.  I was very proud as I am sure you all were as well.  These boys and girls a super sweet.  I will miss not spending my day with them.  

One last thing:  your child is receiving a gift bag from the Preschool Readiness Council.  It’s just a little something  to encourage reading and learning through play over the summer.  Enjoy 🙂

Have a lovely weekend.  It looks like it’s finally going to be nice.

Mrs. Sweat