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March 2, 2108


We have had a busy last two weeks!  The children have been working on many concepts.  Preschoolers practiced sorting various items by size, color and shape.  I was very impressed that some students were able to look at items and decide which ways to sort items that they had.  One student thought of three ways to sort the items that he had.  We have also been practicing our patterning and number recognition and counting skills.  The children were asked to identify a number and then count out the correct amount of paper clips to correspond.  Another fun way that we worked on counting was by tracing our feet and then measuring how many cubes long they were.  It was interesting to see that 2 children have feet that were 10 cubes long and 2 children have feet that are 12 cubes long!  I’ve noticed that the boys and girls are taking more of an interest in letters, especially those in their names, so I decided to “go with it” and have begun to plan activities accordingly.  Last week children built their letters with paper lines and curves to create their initial letter for their first names.  Then they searched our classroom to find their letter in our environment.  Some of the prek three kids were able to help make an alphabet book that I had on display during conferences.  Each child picked a letter, identified it and then (with help) named something that began with that letter.  Next, they wrote the letter on their page and illustrated the picture.  On Friday, we read “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”, then created AB color patterns with plastic fish manipulatives.  One student even successfully made an ABC pattern!  

We had a special treat today, students from Parish Hill High School came to the school and read Dr. Seuss books to the children in honor of Read Across America Day.  It was fun to have them and the little ones get so excited to see the “big kids” here.  Next week we will be participating in more Dr. Seuss activities along with a special wear stripes spirit day on Thursday.



The afternoon has been equally busy.  Dr. Seuss is perfect for practicing rhyming words.  As I read several of the stories, the children were awesome at recognizing the words that sounded the same and even were able to finish the sentences on some of the pages by filling in the missing rhyming word that I left out.  The children also took turns completing sentences from the book “Green Eggs and Ham.,”  They had to select  pictures of items that rhymed such as “Would you eat them with a goat?”  and paired that with “Would you eat them on a boat?’  We are still working on recognizing how many syllables are in words and even our names.  The children created a graph with their names and had to identify how many syllables their name had.  Most of them have names with two syllables.  

Please don’t forget that there is no school next Friday, March 9th for a professional development day.  

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Sweat



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