PreK-3/4 News


June 3, 2019

It’s been a while families!  We have been super busy in preschool for the past several weeks.  The preschoolers have had a lot of fun learning about bugs! It’s the perfect time of year for this!  The class has engaged in a plethora of activities as we talked all about what makes something an insect.  Many of the children remember those 3 body parts: head, thorax and abdomen! Of course, insects have 6 legs and antenna as well.  We sorted critters according to if they were an insect or not using the qualifications that we learned. The group also listed all of the different ways that an insect moves and then enjoyed moving like them around our classroom.  Of course we always fit in math practice in everything we do and this theme was no exception. We made ladybug pictures and glued spots onto this little insect after we identified a number written on the paper. We also practiced counting ants that invaded a picnic scene. Each picture mat had a type of food with a matching number and the children had to count out the correct number of ants.  The boys and girls created egg carton ants as well. We continued learning about insects when we investigated how butterflies grow. I read several stories that showed how a butterfly grows and introduced some 3 dimensional plastic pieces that did the same. Then the children sequenced the growth cycle using different shaped pasta to represent each stage. The afternoon group read a scholastic magazine that compared butterflies and moths.  It was interesting to see that moth’s antenna are actually feathery looking. The final insect that we discussed was the bee. Preschoolers watched an interesting video that showed and up close look inside a hive. Each type of bee has a unique job. The children created hives with hexagon shaped blocks. Then added playdough bees to their creation. The kiddos also tasted honey, some I believe for the first time. Every single preschooler voted that they liked honey!

We have also been practicing the letters V, W and X.  These can prove to be a bit tricky to write because of their diagonal lines.  We practiced writing them on chalkboards, with special magna doodles and then in shaving cream too!  Children also had opportunities to try spelling words by listening to the sounds they hear when they say words.  Boys and girls made vase and x-ray pictures and labeled them by attempting to write those words on the paper. Those who did this did a wonderful job getting most of the sounds written down.  


We had some extra fun days in the past few weeks as well.  Of course we all enjoyed a beautiful day at the Mystic Aquarium.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Additionally, the group earned another marble party.  This time we had a blast with a dance party. The preschoolers were cutting a rug and skipping the light fantastic for 20 straight minutes of dancing!  They were very cute dancing to the Chicken Dance, YMCA and something called The Dancing Star. Afterwards we cooled down with some frozen yogurt pops!

Please visit the school website for updated pictures of the kiddos enjoying many  of these fun activities.

Mrs. Sweat