PreK-3/4 News

October 15,2021

Hello preschool families.  We have had a fun and busy week learning about fall changes.  On Monday, we went on a fall scavenger hunt.  We found and collected a ton of colorful leaves, small sticks, a few acorns and a couple of feathers.  We also noticed that some of the flowers at our school are dying out because of the weather changes that are occurring in our new season.  We have had our eye out for some scurrying squirrels but we haven´t been lucky enough to see any at school.  I´m going to give you some ¨homework¨ this weekend. Attached to this newsletter is a copy of the Fall Scavenger Hunt paper.  I´d like you to take a walk with your child and see how many of the fall changes you can find.  Let me know if you see any of those illusive squirrels!  

(I wonder how many of the kids remember what that word illusive means.)   We began learning about patterns this week too.  The class practiced finishing patterns with fall items such as little acorns, pumpkins, apples and squirrels.  Then they tried the skill independently with pictures on a paper.  This proved to be a bit more difficult.  The group had a super fun time pretending to be squirrels as they searched for acorns in our classroom.  Everyone found 1 paper acorn which had a number on it.  Once they were all collected, we put them in order from 1-13.  Finally, the preschoolers used the items we collected during our scavenger hunt and created a fall collage.  

In the afternoon, our new letter was E.  We´ve been singing the letter E song everyday about Eloise the Elephant.  The kiddos also built the letter E using the 4 paper strips, (lines).  Everyone has been enjoying the Eye Spy Letter E activity, searching in a tray of ¨stuff¨ for different items that start with E.  The group discovered more things that start with E when they opened eggs to reveal pictures of E items.  I was impressed that there were friends that could identify an eggplant and an eel.  We discovered that our 2 friends at school whose names start with E each have a different E sound!  Finally, we practiced writing E and the other letters that we have been learning about on the table in shaving cream.  It’s fun, smells good and cleans the tables!  

Next week each grade is completing a pumpkin person project for a fun activity at our school.  The children suggested that we create a sea monster, so we are going with it!  We are looking for a few things to help it all come together.  If you are willing and able, our class could use:  sequins and plastic leis.  We are tying our creature into the mysterious character of the octopus in the book The Rainbow Fish.  We will need the items by Tuesday please.  Thank you in advance for your help.  

Enjoy another beautiful fall weekend.

Mrs. Sweat