PreK-3/4 News

March 26, 2021

All week long the preschoolers have talked about windy weather.  We learned that wind is moving air and it occurs when warm air goes up and cool air drops.  All of this movement makes the wind!  The class went on a wind walk to see if we could observe any evidence of the wind blowing.  These boys and girls are great observers.  We saw the flag waving, flower petals moving, tall pieces of grass moving, our hair blowing as we ran and even the school soccer net slightly swaying!  We read several books that talked about kite flying and then at the end of the week, we made our own windsocks for you to hang at your homes.   We also practiced counting with kites when the kids counted bows on kite tails and then found a kite that had the same number that they counted.  We are always finding ways to practice this skill!  We experimented with our own wind, trying to move various objects by blowing on them.  Each child had their own set of materials to try to move.  We had a crayon, pom pom, leaf, rock and a small block.  The only item we couldn’t budge was the rock!  We have some strong lungs!  Everyone had a lot of fun watching the light weight objects fly off of their desk and roll onto the floor.  🙂  

The afternoon group learned about the letter A.  That is one of those tricky letters with 2 sounds.  We built the letter with pattern blocks and practiced writing it too!  The boys made alligator letter A pictures, forming the creature out of the letter by adding teeth and eyes to the uppercase letter.  The children also sorted apples with upper and lower case letters into paper baskets.  

Remember that next Friday, April 2 there is no school.  Then April break is the week of the 12th through 16th.  

Mrs. Sweat