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May 18,2018

This week, in honor of National Pet Month, preschoolers learned all about pets.  We sorted pictures of animals, depending if they could be a pet or not. Children learned that monkeys, ducks and rabbits can be a person’s pet.  We also talked about that a pet is a tame animal that is fairly small. When asked what kinds of pets everyone has, we found out that there are cats and dogs, as well as turtles and chickens!   We had fun playing a game where we fed bones to a dog. Children had to identify a number and count the correct amount of bones to feed to the paper dog. Afterwards we put them in numerical order from smallest to biggest.  Children also graphed animals that they would like to have as a pet…..someone decided that they would like a snake! The boys and girls practiced more counting when we used the smartboard and counted fish in an aquarium.

In the afternoon we have made it through every letter in the alphabet.  We practiced the letter Z this week. When preschoolers make the zzz sound they pretend to pull up a zipper.  Doing the action along with the sound helps the kids learn the sound. We had fun guessing different things that start with the letter Z from our letter sound tub.  The children also enjoyed making the letter Z into zebras and then created the letter Z with zippers. Of course we practiced writing the letter as well, using a page from the Handwriting Without Tears practice book.


FYI we had a fire drill today.  Everyone was very brave as we exited the building to walk to the back of the school.  

Don’t forget our field trip is next Thursday.  More details will come home next week about when to arrive at school.  Be on the lookout for a paper regarding this. 🙂

More bubble fun!


I hope you all have a great weekend!  Don’t forget, no school on May 28 for Memorial Day.

Mrs. Sweat






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