PreK-3/4 News


March 13, 2020

The preschool class has been learning all about March winds.  On Monday we had a great discussion as we experimented with whether or not we could see, hear, touch/feel, taste and smell the wind.  The class watched a video where we could hear the wind and see its effects. Then we used a paper fan to feel the wind. We learned that wind is moving air and we also talked about how wind is made when the hot air goes up and cold air comes to its place.  The best place to feel this is at the beach! The kiddos made colorful windsocks that we flew outside. Wednesday was kite day. The children participated in many different kite activities such as counting bows on tails and then matching the number on a kite, patterning kites and sequencing small, medium and large.  Thursday began our investigation into “sand yachts.” If you aren’t familiar, these are vehicles with large sails that move with the power of wind. The boys and girls were paired with a partner and created their own version, using lego pieces, straws, playdough as well as paper sails. Then on Friday, we tried our luck at moving them with our own wind.  First we tried in sand then on the table. We discovered it was easier to move on the table top, but still pretty tricky. Only a couple of children were able to make them drive.  

Our special letter this week was K.  We looked at items that started with the letter and then played a “What’s Missing” game with the same objects.  The hardest one to remember was kettle. We also worked on sorting k words by the number of syllables. They did an awesome job.  Of course we practiced listening for /k/ sound at the beginning of words. We played “Katie’s Kites” and sorted kites that had pictures of things that began with the targeted sound.  Finally we practiced writing the letter with the HandWriting Without Tears chalkboards.  

Just an FYI, the children have earned another marble party.  One of the children suggested a game party, which I think is a good idea.  More info to come on that.  

Have a great weekend.  Stay safe and healthy! 🙂

Mrs. Sweat