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Science with Skittles!IMG_0596Here you will find our most recent newsletters. Check out the links below for classroom news and pictures!

All week long, we worked on a variety of gingerbread activities. We wrapped up the week by decorating a giant gingerbread cookie and having it for snack on Friday!

Our Amaryllis plant blossomed over the weekend, just in time for Mrs. Sweat’s return. The students measured it again and compared its growth to pictures shown on the SmartBoard that were taken last month!  It seems like we just planted it, but our baby is all grown up! Also, we thought it would be red, but it was PINK!

All of that candy pictured in our gingerbread books and on our giant gingerbread cookie got me to thinking about what else we could learn about with candy….so I found this Skittles science investigation online and had to try it! We lined up the candies on a plate, and predicted what might happen if we poured water onto the plate.   Students enjoyed watching the food dyes diffuse throughout the water in a pattern. Next, they recorded their observations on paper. We did have a few Skittles afterwards as a treat! You might want to try this at home–so easy and fun! It was a great way to begin to learn the scientific process. Some of the words students were exposed to include: predict, observe, describe, and dissolve. We also noted the shape of our plate, the colors of the Skittles, and the shapes of the food dye plumes as they formed in the water. Little scientists at work!!!

Click on the PreK-3 “Recent Photos”  link on the homepage to see more PreK-3 activities. Also, if you are visiting the school, be sure to check out our classroom door decor! Mrs. P. has challenged us to a Door Contest–each door has pictures and decorations (no words) that represent a different holiday song, and the challenge is to guess correctly! Miss Michele and I finished our door today, and we are very excited to hear everyone’s guesses! A big thank-you to Miss Michele for her help, as well as her wonderful ideas for the concept behind our display!

My time here in PreK-3 is drawing to a close. I have enjoyed every moment working with both PreK classes and getting to know you, the families. Thank you for your warm welcome and support of your preschooler’s education. I will miss you all!

Happy Holidays,

Mrs. Hand

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