PreK-3/4 News

May 20, 2022

The preschool class enjoyed another week of learning about insects.  We have been taking a closer look at specific ones such as ladybugs, butterflies and bees.  On Monday we read about ladybugs and saw pictures of their tiny little yellow eggs.  Then the group created a floor graph by counting the number of spots on the backs of some large ladybugs.  We also read the famous “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”  The boys and girls were asked to recall all of the foods that the caterpillar ate.  They also made beautiful fingerpainted butterflies that we added glitter to.  We also read about bees in one of our Scholastic magazines.  Those little critters are so busy and work very hard.  We talked about the cells in the hive that are hexagon shaped and can have eggs or nectar in them.  Everyone made little hive pictures with cells and bees too!  They counted how many and some of the children wrote the number too!  I’m so proud of these kids and their work.  We were even able to taste some honey.  It was a product from Florida and bees that made it lived near an orange grove so the flavor was a tad “citrusy.”  Some kids liked it, some did not.  🙂

We also have been reviewing our alphabet.  The group went on a letter walk through the school to see if we could find every letter of the alphabet on the walls of the hallway.  We made hopscotch paths where each child had a turn to jump and name the letters they saw.  We made playdough letters and worked on alphabet puzzles, finding pictures of items that began with each letter.  Finally, each preschooler was given 2 objects and was asked to match it to the letter that began the word.of the object.  It sure has been a busy week.

On Friday, the Parish Hill band and chorus visited our school and presented some great music and songs for us. The children were a wonderful audience. Some of these little cuties were conducting just like the chorus teacher!  

Don’t forget next week is the book sale.  If you would like your child to purchase books, you can send money in his/heer folder and we will bring them to pick something out.  

Enjoy your weekend.  

Mrs. Sweat