PreK-3/4 News


March 22, 2019

Last week we had an exciting time learning about dinosaurs!  I hope the children went home and told you that they wanted to become paleontologists.  🙂 We looked at many dinosaurs and sorted them by carnivore or herbivore. We figured out where they belonged by looking at their teeth and feet.  Sharp teeth and claws mean that the dinosaur is a carnivore; flat teeth and rounded toes mean herbivore. The children learned that dinosaurs hatch from eggs and they went on an egg hunt in the classroom to find dinosaur eggs.  They hatched them and identified, then grouped them according to type. One activity that they really loved was comparing themselves to the actual size of a brachiosaurus foot, which is 5 ft long and 3 ft wide! That is bigger than all of our friends!  The most fun we had was when we searched for dinosaur bones in sand and then put them together to create a dinosaur skeleton. Everyone did an awesome job.

This week we got back to basics and reviewed being a good friend, following directions and using self control.  We read a book called “Hands Are Not for Hitting”, then the children made original hand prints and came up with ways that we can appropriately use our hands.  Some of the boys and girls made kindness books that had repetitive text that encouraged some of the older children to try reading. Everyone made a friendship bracelet to give to another friend, another way that we encouraged kindness.  The whole class had an opportunity to work together and cooperate when they pretended to be a colorful freight train and chug along a track. It was a little tricky at times to use self control to stay together, not bump into one another and stay on the track.   

Lastly we were introduced to the letter R.  Preschoolers made colorful rainbow letter R pictures.  They also practiced writing the letter on the special Handwriting chalkboards.  The children sorted raindrops according to whether or not they had the letter R, (for rain), and placed them on a large umbrella.  

We are all such busy learners!  

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy the first weekend of Spring!

Mrs. Sweat