PreK-3/4 News

January 27, 2023

The preschool class has finished another week surrounding a winter theme.  This time it was all about snowmen!  We started our week playing a math game that was similar to Bingo.  Children had to find and dot a number after it was called out by a grown up.  Then we moved on to making snowmen.  After reading the story, “All You Need for a Snowman”, the children created their own adorable snowmen with clay, beads, pipe cleaners and twigs.   The kids also sequenced pictures to show how a snowman is made.  Some children had 3 pictures to put in order while others had 5.  The boys and girls reviewed their knowledge of shapes, (and were introduced to a few new ones),  when they matched snowman heads and bodies that were the same shape. 

Our letter focus for the week was P.  The group had a fun time finding paper pancakes with the letter P, flipping them over and piling them on a plate.  Next everyone practiced making P’s out of playdough.  We also did this by painting P with purple and pink paint.  The children get so excited when they make all of the connections of why we use certain colors, or materials when we engage in our activities.  Once they hear all of the words with /p/ sound, they begin coming up with some on their own too!  We also tried something new.  The children were presented with picture cards that featured the /p/ sound either in the beginning, middle or end of the word.  The kids were asked to listen carefully as they determined where they heard the /p/ sound.  This was a bit tricky but they persevered and did a good job.  

Please remember that toys from home should not come to school.  It can be very difficult to avoid the temptation of grabbing someone’s special toy.  So to avoid this, please leave cars, fidgets, etc. home.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs. Sweat