PreK-3/4 News


September 14, 2018

Good afternoon preschool families.  Our first full week of school has gone by.  I’m really enjoying getting to know your children.  They are such great helpers and are learning to understand and follow the classroom rules and expectations.  For the past two weeks we have been engaging in many activities to help the children get to know each other. We played games like “Whose Shoes?” and “The Handshake Game”,  that helped us to recognize our friends and remember their names. The children also helped create our classroom rules and signed the paper by placing a handprint on the paper.  They all agreed to do their best to follow the rules! We’ll see how it goes… 🙂 Another game that we played was a reverse scavenger hunt. The children picked an object from our mystery box and had to think about where it goes on our classroom.  They did a great job remembering where the materials belong.

We have begun lessons on concepts as well.  Children were placed in small groups to practice sorting school related materials.  Some groups sorted by color and some by color or object. They also had a chance to use the smartboard when we played a shape sorting game.  This week I introduced wood pieces from our Handwriting Without Tears program. This program explains how all of our letters can be formed by using 4 basic shapes, big line, little line, big curve and little curve.  I demonstrated how to put these together to make all of the initial letters for each of their names. We will do much more work with these as the year goes on.

The students have also begin taking a look at what makes them the same or different from each other.  For those of you that came to open house, I hope you took a moment to look at the bulletin board in the hallway of the children’s unique and special handprint pictures.  It was fun to match the appropriate skin tone paints to the children and then hair colors as well. Everyone also enjoyed a movement activity where each child had the opportunity to show off a skill that they could do with their body, then everyone tried it too.  

It was great to see so many of you at open house on Wednesday.   Thank you for taking the time to come and see the classroom and talk to us.  

If anyone is interested in placing a book order, I will wait until early next week to process that.  The books are fairly inexpensive and it’s a great way to build your at home library.

One last thing:  ice cream day is every Thursday.  Children can purchase a treat for 75 cents each Thursday.  If you would like your child to participate, then please send the money in his/her folder.  

I promise my future newsletters will not be this long! There is so much to cover at the beginning of the year.  Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs. Sweat