September 2017

Welcome back!  We are very excited to start the new school year! It is wonderful to see both familiar faces, and several new students to grades 5 and 6.  With all of the forms coming home at this time, it is very important to read them over and return back to school as soon as possible! 

We will be beginning the year reading the same novel in both reading classes, Because of Mr. Terupt.  This is a great book that allows students to connect with characters and witness the evolution of characters throughout the book.  In writing, both classes are going to be starting a personal narrative.  We will be working on expanding thoughts, adding details, and catching the readers attention, in addition to grammar and editing!

6th graders will begin the year having social studies where they will be learning about explorers and will be partaking in an exciting discovery simulation!  5th grade has the chance to start the year with science, and be the first ones to experience our new science program!  Our new science program is extremely interactive and hands on, students are bound to love it!  In addition to the new science program, we are also going to be using Study Island, both in our classrooms and in the computer lab with Mrs. Morelli.  

September is a busy month, listed below are important dates to remember!

September 1:  First day paperwork is due

September 4:  Labor Day – No School

September 12:  Open House 6:00 – 7:30

September 15:  Spirit Day – Backwards day

September 28 – Picture Day


If you have any questions, please always feel free to contact us!    or