November 2018

It is hard to believe that November is here already.  Things have been very busy here at SES and time is flying by!  We are very excited to have the Reflex Math program back! For those of you who are new to SES, Reflex is a program we had in the past in which students learn and practice their math facts.  Reflex is a fun and interactive program which allows students to have fun while learning.  We have created a bulletin board display in the hallway showing off the great work of the students so far!  Who will be the first one to be 100% fluent?  Which grade will solve the most facts?  We will have to wait and see, but the competition is on!

In reading classes, both classes are finishing up their first novel.  Once completing the novels, both classes will have a chance to watch the corresponding movie, and complete a compare and contrast between the movie and the book.  In math, 5th graders are almost finished with their first unit on place value and multiplication.  Next up for 5th graders will be long division.  6th graders are nearing the end of their unit as well on ratios and division.  Our SES TIME Magazines are nearly completed, stay tuned to see the final products on Natural Disasters and the History of Holidays.  Mrs. Lowney has been working very hard with the students on these technology projects and the final outcomes are always excellent! 

November is a very busy month, here are some important dates to keep in mind:

November 5-19:  Non Perishable Food Drive

November 6:  No School

November 8 & 9:  Early Dismissal/Conferences

November 12:  Veteran’s Day- No School

November 21:  Early Dismissal- Thanksgiving Break Begins.  PJ Day

November 22 & 23:  No School – Thanksgiving Break

November 27:  Pig Race

November 30:  End of first trimester

October 2018

Fall is now upon us!  The crisp weather outside is a welcome sight after a very hot September here at school!  October brings many fun activities to SES, such as the annual scarecrow building and pig race!  The current 5th graders are reigning pig race champs, whereas the 6th graders had a casualty during the race last year, better luck this time!  At the end of the month we also get to celebrate being 3 time champs for the Scholastic Reading Challenge.

In academics, both reading classes are working on a novel, Mrs. Coutu’s class is reading Maniac Magee, and Ms. Wildowsky’s class is reading Wonder. In math, 5th grade is working on place value and order of operations, and Mrs. Coutu’s class is working on division and finding GCF and LCM.  Both classes are working on writing an expository piece, which they are going to use their research to create a magazine in technology class with Mrs. Lowney.  For their projects, 5th graders are researching natural disasters and 6th graders are currently researching holidays. In science, 5th graders are learning about engineering, focusing on criteria, constraints, and the use of technology.  6th graders in science are learning about energy, and soon will be creating their own roller coasters (always a favorite activity!).

Important Dates:

October 8 and 9 – No School

October 16 – Cross Country Race

October 17 – Baseball Day

October 18 –  Fire house visit

October 19 – Grandparents/Special Relative luncheon orders due

October 26 – Pirate Day.  Last collection day for fundraiser & Special Relative luncheon.

October 30 – Picture Retake

October 31- Crazy Hair Day


September 2018

Welcome back to school!  It is hard to believe that summer is over already! It definitely flew by, but was very enjoyable.  We are very excited to begin the new year, get to meet and learn about new students, and have some fun!  We are very pleased to see how well students did completing the summer reading book. We have been doing many fun activities to go along with the book, including: An online lemonade stand, creating a marketing plan, lemonade math, and much more.  Students are even going to have the opportunity to sell lemonade throughout the school on specified days in September.

This year, 5th and 6th graders will be mixing classes for reading and writing.  Mrs. Coutu will have the advanced reading class while Ms. Wildowsky has the on level reading class.  Writing classes will be mixed evenly with 5th and 6th graders.  The writing group that starts with Mrs. Coutu will then have Ms. Wildowsky the second trimester, and vice versa.  So far in writing, we have been working on a ‘Selfie’ project, students have been working very hard and we are excited to show your their work at open house. Once the selfie project is complete, both classes will begin working on expository writing.  A change from last year will be that we will not be switching for math anymore.  5th graders will have Ms. Wildowsky for math, and 6th graders will have Mrs. Coutu for math.  5th graders will be starting the year with place value, multiplication, and expressions, and 6th graders are starting with whole numbers and decimals.  We are really focusing on math fact fluency this year, so if the opportunity arises to practice multiplication facts that would be very helpful!

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns as the year progresses (  and

Happy Fall!

Important Dates:

September 12- Open House

September 14- Backwards Day

September 27- Picture Day


Helpful math websites to use at school and at home:   (Math facts)