Permission slip for N.E. Aerospace Museum for both fifth and sixth graders is due May 30th.  It is free!  Also due is permission for 6th graders to visit PHHS, Boston Trip ($30), and High Meadow Resort

May 29th, 2018

Miss W. Reading: Number The Stars ch. 6

Mrs. Coutu Reading:   Freckles article on The Wall Street Crash

Miss W. Math:  Entire Packet due next Friday

Mrs. Coutu Math:  

Spelling 6th: p. 109

Spelling 5th:  p. 9

Handwriting 6th: p. 

Handwriting 5th:  

Writing Coutu- Island project – Task 8:  Trip Schedule due Thursday, Journal Entry one due Monday

Writing Wildowsky- 

Science 5th:  

Science 6th: 

Social Studies Fifth:  

Social Studies Sixth:  

6th grade-Memorial Day packet due Friday

5th grade-  Memorial Day Packet due 5/30/ field trip presentations- 5/30/ Island tasks 1-5- 5/30