Please encourage your 5th and 6th graders to write homework down in agendas.  Every attempt is made to update homework Monday-Thursday. However, at times, there may be barriers to success.

November 21thst, 2017

Mrs. Coutu Reading: Finish Front Row Article on Thanksgiving for tomorrow, writing for Thanksgiving due Monday, Compare contrast essay due tomorrow

Miss W. Reading: 

Mrs. Coutu Math: Candy/Bakery packet due Wednesday

Miss W. Math:  Customary Capacity

Spelling 6th: 

Spelling 5th:  

Handwriting 6th:  

Handwriting 5th:

Writing Coutu-

Writing Wildowsky- 

Science 5th:  

Science 6th: 

Social Studies Fifth:  Cause and effect Northwest N.A.

Social Studies Sixth: “First Thanksgiving Meal” due tomorrow: Explorers project due Wednesday, Nov. 29th

6th grade- Text features Wednesday; SBAC Math Unit 6 p. 32

5th grade-