Grade 5

February/March 2021

I can’t believe it is already the last week of February!  Time is flying by this year.  It is nice to see the snow finally starting to melt even though the class had a great time playing on the snow mounds.  Hopefully warmer weather is here to stay now and we can get outside more often.

In academics we are finishing up decimals in math.  Students now know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.  Next we will be moving to fractions!  In reading we are finishing the book Restart.  We recently finished our science unit on the solar system and have moved on to social studies where we are learning about the 13 original colonies.  Next up we will study the American Revolution.  In writing students are finishing a country project, and next week we will begin narrative writing.     

Conferences are scheduled for March 4th and 5th, and grades close in the middle of March. This semester has been challenging with remote learning in the mix as well as in person learning, but we made it work!  I am proud of how the students have done and the progress that they have made.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 


January, 2021

We have made it to 2021! Let’s hope that the craziness of 2020 is in the past and we can all have a happy and healthy new year!  It is nice being back in school after being remote for the past month.  The students are all transition back to school nicely and have remembered to stay socially distanced and to follow the school protocols.  

In academics students are still working hard!  We have learned how to add and subtract decimals, and are finishing up the unit on multiplying decimals.  In reading we just finished Number the Stars which the class really enjoyed.  Next week we are going to be starting a new novel called Restart.  In writing we are about to begin an informational essay on a country of the students choice.  This activity will include both writing and social studies skills. In science we are finishing up a planet project as well as continuing to learn about the Earth, Moon, and Stars.  Soon we will be completing an animation technology project to demonstrate the knowledge of the Earth’s patterns. 

Hopefully January is a mild month, but please be sure to send in warm clothing so we can go outside for recess and mask breaks!  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have during this strange school year!

Have a great day!

-Mrs. Cote


December, 2020

It is hard to believe it is already December! We are already 3 weeks in to distance learning and I feel like students have been doing quite well!  Students have been doing great attending the Zoom lessons and completing the assigned work.  

In math we just finished chapter 3 which was adding and subtracting decimals.  Next we will be moving on to multiplying decimals.  In reading we are reading Number the Stars.  I am so surprised to see how much information the students already know about WWII! Their background knowledge has helped them understand the story.  In writing we just finished an expository piece, and now we are doing a fun holiday piece completing an Elf Application!  Through this students are learning how to write a cover letter, how to complete an application, and how to use references.  In science we are continuing to work on space and the Earth.

We have just a few more days before winter break and then we all get to enjoy a nice long break!  I hope everyone has a wonderful vacation and hopefully we can all be back in school after the New Year!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time!  

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