Grade 5

February 2022

February has come in furiously with a lot of snow! The 100th day of school is coming up, meaning we are already more than half way through the year.  This year has been nice since we haven’t had to go remote at all as a class yet!  Being in the classroom is so much better for everyone, and I am very thankful that we have had so much more face to face time this year.  

In academics students have been working hard!  In math we are nearly finished with decimals.  At this point students can add, subtract, multiply, and have even begun dividing decimals!  By the end of next week we will be moving forward to our units on fractions.  In writing we are working on expository essays.  For their first essay students had to write about something they knew a lot about.  Our next essay will be research based.  In social studies we have finished our unit on Native Americans and are now focusing on explorers. Currently, students have all chosen an explorer to research and present on.  They will be presenting as if they are the explorer, so it will be entertaining to watch!

Later this month SES is  hosting an author visit.  All students in the school will have a chance to meet with a local author, hear her story, and ask questions.  It will be nice to have a schoolwide assembly and learn a bit more about this profession.  This month also brings several days off of school, so please check the important dates below!

February 2 – 100th day of school

February 18 – Professional Development Day – No School for Students

February 21 and 22 – Winter Break – No School for Students 

I hope everyone has a great February and finds a way to enjoy the time even with this horrible weather!

-Michelle Cote


December 2021

Is is hard to believe that it is already December!  I feel like this year is flying by.  I love December and everything about the holiday season.  Our room has been Christmas themed since mid November 🙂   December is not only a busy time of year for families, but here at SES as well.  Please check out the important dates below so you don’t miss anything!

Students are working hard in academics.  In math we are half way through chapter 3 which is adding and subtracting decimals.  We are continuing to review multi-digit multiplication and long division as well, and students are getting to be masters!  In social studies we are nearly done our unit on Native Americans.  We are currently working on Natives of the Northwest Coast.  Students will be making totem poles to tell about their family just as the natives did long ago.  In writing we are moving to informational writing this trimester.  

In between the hard work we will also have the opportunity to do some fun holiday themed activities.  I believe that making memories in school can be just as important as academics! We will also be having a holiday party on December 23rd and our seasonal class auction. 

Important Dates:

December 21 – Assembly for students in grades 4-6

December 23 – Early Dismissal

December 24- January 2 – Winter Break

Please let me know if anyone has any questions for concerns.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!



Reminder that conferences are held via Zoom.  Please sign on a few minutes prior to your meeting.  You will be in the virtual waiting room and I will let you into the meeting as soon as my prior meeting has finished.    Zoom link:  OR  Meeting ID:  224 340 7333   passcode: 093187.

November 2021

November is a very busy time of year at SES!  Below please find the important dates in November.

For Halloween, 5th graders had the opportunity to paint pumpkins after they completed imagery and math assignments with their pumpkin.  We also had a lot of fun completing our Minion scarecrow.  We have also been very busy in academics, and are getting back into the swing of things and being in school.

In math we have finished chapter 1 and are part way through chapter 2 which is long division with two digit divisors!  Knowing facts is helpful for division and fractions (coming soon), so if you have the chance to quiz your child it is always beneficial!  I am really proud to see how far the class has come in math in just a short amount of time.  In reading my class finished reading Al Capone Does My Shirts, and now we have started A Long Way From Chicago.  This book has a crazy grandma as the main character so the kids will definitely like it!  Mrs. Sullivan’s class took a test on Old Yeller, and now is wrapping up Mother Fletcher.  In social studies 5th graders are continuing to work on Native Americans.  Currently we are learning about the natives from the Southwest and we will make Kachina dolls soon.  Kachina dolls and Totem Poles, which we will make soon as well, are two of my favorite activities for the Native American unit.  I love seeing the students creativity!    In writing students just finished a mini story where they had to write about a day in the life of a pumpkin from the pumpkins’ point of view.  They had fun with this and were very silly!  

Student council is hosting a clothing drive for the month of November.  They are requesting donations of clothing items such as hats, mittens, socks, gloves, etc.  All items must be new.  If you have the opportunity to donate and help those in need it would be greatly appreciated!

If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at  I hope everyone had a nice Halloween and is ready for the fall weather to truly arrive!  We have been spoiled with warm sunny days but I fear they are coming to an end!

Important Dates:

November 4 and 5 —— Early Dismissal for Conferences

November 11 ————-Veteran’s Day, No School 

November 23 ————-End of trimester 1

November 24————–Early Dismissal for Thanksgiving break

November 25 and 26 —Thanksgiving break, No School


October 2021

It is hard to believe that we have already been in school for over a month.  It has been a nice start to the year getting to know everyone, and for the students to have the opportunity to work with two teachers.  The weather has also been amazing, I could take these temperatures year round!  Fall also brings two of my favorite things… picking and Patriots football!!  I know that many students share these interests as well.

I am excited for October to begin.  When it gets closer to Halloween 5th graders will get to do a fun activity with pumpkins.  This is both a learning opportunity and a lot of fun for all!  October also brings 2 days off of school for students, October 8th and 11th, so mark them in your calendar.  

In academics we have hit the ground running!  In math we have been refreshing our memories on multi-digit multiplication and division.  We have also begun learning about exponents.  5th graders have been learning about the Eastern Woodlands tribe in social studies.  They have built either a longhouse or a wigwam out of things from nature.  Next we will be moving on to the Southeast natives.  6th graders have been learning about Egypt.  They are currently in the process of making their own god or goddess.  In reading, my class is reading Al Capone Does my Shirts, and Mrs. Sullivan’s class has been working on Old Yeller.  In writing 5th graders are working on personal narratives.  We will focus on narratives for the entire first trimester.  

If anyone ever has any questions or concerns please email me at

I look forward to a great school year!

-Mrs. Cote

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