Technology Projects





We’re doing a video that teaches how to do a task.  From making a paper airplane to tying your shoe, putting together a peanut butter sandwich to making a meatloaf, we are going to learn how to do all sorts of things!

The students will use a graphic organizer to sequence the steps of their activity.  I usually recommend they do it once to make certain they have all the steps.  Next we’ll either take pictures here or at home.  It may be easier for you to take the pictures and then e-mail them to your child.  They will have to write and practice a script as we will be recording them telling how to do whatever.  Doing that, they will be ready to put into their voice thread.  This is a fun project, and  we will be doing much of it here.  However, we must work quickly as we only have two more technology classes unless I can sneak one in.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich:



Paper Airplane:


How to Tie Your Shoes:

 Bon Fire:

Pencil Case: (no voice)

Building a Lego House (some voice):

Plush Unicorn:

 Tie Dye Shirt:

Cereal bars:

How to make a paper Wallet:

How to Make Meatloaf:

How to Play the Card Game, Trash:








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