Our first science unit will be learning about science and technology.  the students will be learning to think like engineers!  They will go through the process of developing new technology in response to a need or problem.  

While your child has a text book, you can also go on-line to see what he/she is working on or to complete homework and study for tests.   

  • The website is   
  • Go to student, and have your child login and a password.  Every fourth grader has a user name and a password. 
  • When you get into the site, click on the arrow beside HMH Science Dimensions this is the grade pulldown. 
  • Go to Grade 4.  The units are listed next. 
  • We are using the first unit technology. 
  • Click on it and all of the resources available to your child are there. 
  • The student edition is there as well.  Your child can type the answers there if they want.   

Developing the sequence engineers follow to design technology will give students a better understanding of how technology is created from something as simple as a door to as complex as a spaceship.  We will also be following the steps to develop a hearing-enhancing device with a partner.