Grace and the Time Machine

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Grace and the Time Machine 

Written as a play, Grace and her friends build a machine powered by imagination. .  Using the memories of Grace’s grandmother and Mrs. Myerson, a neighbor, everyone has fun experiencing far-off places such as The Gambia, Trinidad, and Heidelberg. 

Words to know

aboard: on board; in or on a ship, train, bus, airplane, etc. 

atlas: book of maps

awkward: not graceful or skillful in movement or shape

capable: having fitness, power,or ability

chant: to ca;; over and over again

mechanical: like a machine

miracle: a wonderful happening that is contrary to the known laws of nature

reseats: sits again

vehicle: device for carrying people or things, such as a car, bus, airplane etc.

Comprehension skills and strategies  

         Drawing a conclusion is forming an opinion based on what you already know   or on the facts and details in the text.  The facts and details “add up” to conclusion.

          Compare and Contrast finding similarities and differences

Vocabulary strategy: 

            Prefixes: how adding a syllable in front of a word  changes the meaning of                         the base word.