“Dinosaur Ghosts” In 1947, scientists uncover the bones of dozens of Coelophysis dinosaurs in New Mexico.  However, the cause of the dinosaurs‘ death is a mystery.  the scientists rule out mudslides, volcanoes, asteroids, poisoned water, floods and drought followed by a flood. 

Vocabulary -focus is on word structure using suffixes. 

      fragile: easily broken , damaged or destroyed

      poisonous: containing a dangerous substance, very harmful to life and health

      prey: Animal or animals hunted and killed for food by another animal

      sluggish: lacking energy or vigor

       specimens: examples of a group, samples

        treacherous: very dangerous while seeming to be safe

        volcanic: of or caused by a volcano

More words to know

        excavation: the act of uncovering by digging

         geologists: scientists who study the composition of the Earth

         or of other heavenly bodies, the process that formed them, and their history.

          paleontologists: scientists who study prehistoric life as represented in                            fossilized plants and animals

Comprehension Skill:” Main idea and Details

Topic: what the entire piece is about, usually expressed in a few words

              Main idea is the most important idea about the topic, sometimes the author                          states  it, other times you must figure it out yourself

  Details are smaller pieces of information that support or tell more about                                   the main idea.