“Coyote School News”


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We’ll be traveling back in time to the Southwestern United States. The story takes place on a ranch that has been in the family for generations since before the area was part of the United States! The main character needs to make a decision between an award for perfect attendance or help with the round up and branding of the family’s cattle. 

The comprehension skill we’ll be focusing on”is drawing conclusions .  Students will draw conclusions based on facts, details and their background knowledge. We’ll also be focusing on the literary element of setting

focusing on using dictionaries and glossaries will be the strategy For understanding unknown words for this selection.

Words to know

bawling: crying out in a noisy way

coyote: a small wolf like mammal living in many parts of the United States

dudes: people raised in the city, especially Easterners who vacation on a ranch

roundup: the act of driving or bringing cattle together from long distances

spurs: metal points worn on a rider;s boot heels for urging a horse onward