“Into the Ice: the Story of Arctic Exploration”: What drives people to explore harsh climates and dangerous places?

Many people in history tried to become the first human to reach the North Pole.  Some of the most daring and interesting attempts include the journey of Fridtjof Nansen, the balloon flight of  Salomon Andrée, and the first successful expedition of Robert 
Perry.  these men faced disappointment, disaster and controversy on their journeys.

Comprehension strategy and skill;


               cause and effect: A cause is what makes something happen. 

An effect is what happens as a result of a cause.  to find a cause,                                       ask  yourself “Why did this happen?”    To find an effect, ask                                               yourself  “What happened because of this?”  Sometimes an                                                 effect an have more than one cause.

Vocabulary words: strategy for unfamiliar words

     conquer: to overcome; get the better of

 destiny-what becomes of someone or something; one’s fate or fortune

     expedition-journey for some special purpose, such as an exploration, scientific                                 study,  or military purposes

     insulated- lined or surrounded with material that does not conduct energy;                                      protected from the loss of heat, electricity, or sound.

     isolation- the state of being separated from others, or being alone

     navigator-a person in charge of finding the position and course of a ship,                                              aircraft, or  expedition.

     provisions-a supply of food and drinks

     verify-to prove to be true;confirm

More words to Know

     documentation-proof or support of a claim or opinion by evidence

     unconventional-not bound by or conforming to convention, rule or precedent;                                    free from conventionality