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We have started “Letters from Yosemite”.  This is one of the most liked selection in the reading program.  First we watched some short You Tube videos on Yosemite to build background knowledge. We also took a virtual quick trip to Yellowstone and Mt. St. Helens.  We are working on using suffixes to determine word meaning and identifying main ideas and supporting details.  This is a critical skill to develop especially when reading non-fiction. WE’ll also be identifying author’s purpose and facts and opinions. AS the class is very interested in the entire subject, we will also be reading some small texts pertaining geography, national parks, and John Muir the naturalist who was instrumental in making Yosemite a national park. The kids already would like to take a field trip to Yosemite! 

The vocabulary (words to know) for this selection are: 

glaciers: n. great masses of ice moving very slowly down a mountain, along a valley, or over a land area. 

impressive: adj. able to have a strong effect on the mind or feelings; able to influence deeply.

naturalists n. people who make a study of living things. 

preserve: v. to keep from harm or change; keep safe; protect

slopes: n. lines , surfaces, land, etc. that go up or down at an angle. 

species: n set of related living things that all have certain characteristics.

wilderness: n. a wild uncultivated region with few or no people living in it.