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Our Country is “Romania” for the Winter Olympics” We’re looking for facts about This country so the students can answer questions that Mrs. P. asks for Spirit Points

Math: Study for Unit 5 test

Word problem requirements: this must be part of your work

                           READ the problem

                                  I: write down the information

                                  I: write down the information

                                  Q: what is the question, write it down

                         PLAN: what or how will you answer or solve the problem

                         SOLVE: follow your plan and solve the problem

                         LOOK BACK: The most important step

                                    Is your answer reasonable? Does it make sense?

                                     Did you answer the question completely?

                                     Label your answer correctly!    

Click here if your child needs a multiplication chart: Multiplication table

Reading:  TEST Monday

 RE-read “Eye of the Storm”  to get ready.  

20 minutes of reading every night. 


                            S Write in complete sentences

                            L Fill up the lines

                           A Answer the question or questions. Use TTQA

                          M Check your mechanics–Spelling, End Punctuation, and                                                             Capitalization

                          S Include specific test support for your answer. The text says…\                               


Spelling: Compound words

Thursday Study

Friday Test

 Science:   Finish Engineering and Design on Study Island

Social Studies:  Study for test on Landforms, Western Hemisphere, Climate and Weather and Natural Resources next week. 

Regions Rubric

Find Romania facts!

Technology We’re starting the social studies/ travel brochure with partners, click here for the link to the rubric Regions Rubric

Writing:   Complete Page 3  of the ice cream cone packet, if you haven’t finished page 2, please finish it. 

Put on HOLD  Complete last draft of holiday narrative so we can conference and wrap this up.

Click here for the rubric and timeline Writing Prompt holiday tradition narrative

Morning work:  

Study Island:     Complete Engineering pre-test or science pre-test. It is a pre-test, you should not get all of them correct.   If you are finished, do the engineering and Design lesson (you must get 70%). Click here for the log in link https://login.studyisland.com/studyisland/signin

Band Lessons:      

 Monday 2/5 Niko, Chloe and Riley@1:00

Tuesday (2/6) @ 9:50: Brooke, Taylor and Hannah   

Wednesday 2/7  @10:45 Abby, Austin and Kadence

                                   @11:20-11:50  Jenessa 

Thursday (2/8) Victor @ 8:45


Do not forget to practice at least 20 minutes a day! You owe it to the rest of your band members!