Homework is a part of fourth grade, and it will average about 40 minutes a night.  Some nights will be less and some may be more depending on your child. However, I try not to give any homework over the weekends or on nights that I know the class or community will be busy. Homework is an essential part of my lessons. I do not collect and grade it, rather we go over it in class. It is still part of your child’s overall grade as well. Children that do not do the homework or leave it at home will not be well prepared for class and will miss out

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Bring in Boxtops

Math:  Metric system pages 161 and 162, Remembering 1.11

  • Green Light on Reflex at least three times a week

Reading:   Drawing conclusions, complete well-developed sentences, re-read from the small book on ranching or living on the range. 

  •  Read 20 minutes independently

Grammar: Review for unit test: Irregular Plural Nouns. 

  • Pages 92, 93, 94, 95
  • There is a study set on Quizlet to study. 

Spelling:  None this week

 Social Studies:  We will be completing your Regions brochure in technology

Science:  Electricity and Magnetism


  • Use the handout (click here notes-for-regions-project )to take notes,
  • Click here for updated rubric regions-rubric-1-31
  • All  categories should be completely researched.  
  • Begin putting your brochure together
  • Remember to record your source on your citations page. 


  • Morning Work: Math Journal


  • Thursday, March 23, 2017, Ella and Molly @ 1:00
  • Do not forget to practice at least 20 minutes a day! You owe it to the rest of your band members!