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Tomorrow is Pajama Day! Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) wears appropriate sleeping attire!  

Math: Review fo TEST 

Word problem requirements: this must be part of your work

                           READ the problem

                                  I: write down the information

                                  I: write down the information

                                  Q: what is the question, write it down

                         PLAN: what or how will you answer or solve the problem

                         SOLVE: follow your plan and solve the problem

                         LOOK BACK: The most important step

                                    Is your answer reasonable? Does it make sense?

                                     Did you answer the question completely?

                                     Label your answer correctly!    

Click here if your child needs a multiplication chart: Multiplication table

Reading:  response question notes on Adelina’s Whales

20 minutes of reading every night. 


 Friday test

Spelling: Next wek

 Science:   We are starting lesson 2 of the engineering process, designing a solution

Social Studies:  We are looking at the weather and climate of the United States and how it affects how people live

Technology We started the rock project Tuesday. Rocks rubric (Autosaved) Click here for the rubric and time schedule.  We finished our title slide this week.  The students learned how to do research and use treasure words as notes so that they can use their own writing. they need to remember to cite their sources on their citation page  (on Google docs). The research is for the types of rocks only. 

Writing:   We are starting  to write about desserts next week, focusing on sensory details. 

Morning work:  

Study Island:     Your child may have assignments to complete on Study Island.  Click here for the log in link https://login.studyisland.com/studyisland/signin

Band Lessons:  

Wednesday (November 22): Brooke, Taylor and Hannah @10:45

                                                      Abby, Austin and Kadence @11:20

 Monday (November 27): Niko, Chloe and Riley @1:00

Tuesday (November 28): Brooke, Taylor and Hannah @9:50

Wednesday (November 29): Abby Austin and Kadence @ 10:45 

 Thursday: Victor @ 8:45

Do not forget to practice at least 20 minutes a day! You owe it to the rest of your band members!