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Book Fair Monday September 25th -September 28th or order on line through October 1st, follow this link:  https://bookfairs.scholastic.com/bookfairs/cptoolkit/homepage.do?method=homepage&url=scotlandelementaryschool

Picture Day – Thursday September 28th! Wear your best look!


Word problem requirements: this must be part of your work

                           READ the problem

                                  I: write down the information

                                  I: write down the information

                                  Q: what is the question, write it down

                         PLAN: what or how will you answer or solve the problem

                         SOLVE: follow your plan and solve the problem

                         LOOK BACK: The most important step

                                    Is your answer reasonable? Does it make sense?

                                     Did you answer the question completely?

                                     Label your answer correctly!    


20 minutes of reading every night. 

Grammar: None this week

Spelling: Short e and Long e

Monday: Pre-test Write a sentence using the words you miss. 

                     Tuesday: Word sort, Page 6

                      Wednesday: Proof read and write, Page 7

                       Thursday: Review Page 8

                        Friday: Test



Social Studies: Memorize your complete address including zip code and either your parent’s cell phone number or your home phone number



Morning work: 

Band Lessons: Jennessa Monday @ 1:00

Niko and Riley Tuesday @ 9:50

                             Brooke, Taylor and Hannah Wednesday @ 10:45

                             Abby and Kadence Wednesday @ 11:20

                             Victor Thursday @ 8:45

Do not forget to practice at least 20 minutes a day! You owe it to the rest of your band members!