Please Complete ALL  TESTS AND QUIZZES  and share ,  they will be recorded as  a zero.  Do not share homework. 

Study Island assignments :

          Math:    Fraction division  3/5

                        Positive and negative numbers OVERDUE

        Reading;  Compare and Contrast informationl text  due 3/5

                          Central Ideas in Informational Text 2/25             

         Writing: nouns and Verbs due 2/10 OVERDUE

 MATH : 2.6 Reteach or Enrich  Compatable numbers



Study Islamd :  Division of fractions           

Study Island: Posoitive and negative integers OVERDUE  

Reflex:get to the green light 3 times a week

                  Word problem requirements- Check the math : this must be part of your work

                           READ the problem

                                  I: write down the information

                                  I: write down the information

                                  Q: what is the question, write it down

                         PLAN: what or how will you answer or                                                solve the problem

                         SOLVE: follow your plan and solve the                                                  problem

                         LOOK BACK: The most important step

                                   Check your work

                                   Is your answer reasonable?

                                   Does it make sense?

                                    Did you answer the question                                                      completely?

                                    Don’t forget to label your answer                                            correctly.

                      Click here if your child needs a multiplication chart: Multiplication table

                       Click here for divisibility rules 


Vocabulary for play “go”  https://scope.scholastic.com/content/dam/classroom-magazines/scope/issues/2020-21/020121/go-the-amazing-true-story-of-wilma-rudolph/SCOPE-020121-Play-Vocabulary-vertical.pdf   

Please turn in Scope “Sneakers Quiz if you haven’t

Study Island: Compare and Contrast Informational text 3/5

                       Central Ideas in Informational Text OVERDUE          


                            S Write in complete sentences

                            L Fill up the lines

                           A Answer the question or questions. Use  TTQA

                          M Check your mechanics–Spelling, End                                     Punctuation, and   Capitalization

                           S Include specific test support for your  answer. The text says…




We are starting to explore expository writing and how to write an exceptional expository piece. 


Study Island      Nouns and Verbs 2 parts 2/10 OVERDUE

Grammar: Principal parts of irregular Verbs

Tuesday  Page 47

Wednesday Page 48

thursday STUDY

Friday Test

Science Earth: Seasons

If you haven’t turnedin the lessohn 2 quiz, please finish and turn in

Lab on seasons due 3/3  

Study for test on Unit 1  https://www.hmhco.com/one/login/?connection=00174699&resource_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hmhco.com%2Fcontent%2Fscience%2Fsciencedimensions%2Fna%2Fgr6-8%2Fese_modh_9780544882317_%2Fbook_pages%2F%23%3Fpage%3Ds9ml%2Fcards%2F6e2_0895_ese_ur_patternsolarsystem.xhtml


Make sure you state your claim (answer)completely explains the differences between temperature and daylight between winter and summer. Summarize your evidence to support your claim and explain your reasoning. Your answer should be a paragraph. Use the onlline student edition if you need to.

Make sure you state your claim and then add supporting evidence.

Technology: New Year, New Project  Book Amimot book trailer

Social Studies: Geography Interactive notebook  Turn in for Vocabulary and 5 themes of geography to be graded  OVERDUE