Grade 4



Welcome to the 4th Grade!

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September went by very quickly!  The fourth grade is settling into a routine, and focusing on learning!  Fall assessments are completed for the most part, so that we can really concentrate on learning new material.  

Our second selection in reading is “Lewis and Clark and I”.  It is historical fiction from the point of view of Meriwether Lewis’s dog.  We will be developing a vocabulary strategy of using context clues and a comprehension skill of identifying the author’s purpose for writing.  This leads write into our process writing.  Our first essay was writing a memoir to entertain our readers.  We learned how to increase voice in our writing.  Some of the fourth graders have very strong voice that clearly comes through their writing. We have a few small writing pieces for a few weeks including a postcard, a journal entry and an e-mail invitation.

We are learning about the 5 themes of geography in social studies as well as looking at the different types of maps. This will then lead us to our year long focus on the different regions of the United States. We will be putting together an interactive notebook for social studies this year that will have the students researching different states and regions. 

In science the fourth grade is learning how to think like and engineer and the process of developing new technology. 

We should be wrapping up Unit 1 in math in the next week or so.  In this unit we have explored place value, adding and subtracting large numbers, estimating to check the work and solving two step word problems. 

October is a great month with lots of opportunities to earn spirit points.  Please send in your box tops as these also go toward spirit points. 

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have an questions or concerns.  I usually respond to e-mails within 24 hours.  If I cannot answer your inquiry, I’ll ask either Mrs. P. or Dr. Baran for the correct answer. 

Thank you,

Ms. Sullivan

(If you e-mail me, I will add you to my address book.  That way I can send any important information home directly)




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