Grade 4



Welcome to the 4th Grade!


Is this how your daffodils looked like recently?  Hopefully the snow is OVER!

Fourth Grade News

April 3, 2018

Wow! It is great to finally be back!  I missed everyone so much and cherished the cards they made for me just before I left.  The Haiku poems they wrote to me were such a welcoming surprise. I want to thank Mrs. Hand for taking over. She did a great job in spite of the challenges of all those snow days! It is very difficult to teach when we rarely have a complete week.  As a teacher, it seems like you are taking one step forward and two steps back! It was terrific to have someone taking the reins that I knew would be effective.  Amazingly, Mrs. Hand and I worked on our masters degrees at Eastern at the same time.  We had several classes together and often teamed up to work on projects. 

With the state testing, this month will be pretty challenging for the fourth graders.  However, in order to keep stress levels to a minimum, I’ve never given homework during the testing period.  We will also be having extra recess on testing days, so the kids can relax and unwind.  PLEASE STRESS TO YOUR CHILD THAT THEY HAVE AS MUCH TIME AS THEY WANT TO TAKE THESE TESTS. The tests are not timed, and we expect them to go at their own pace, This will allow them to do their best.We’ll be trying to complete assignments during class time. Tests  for 4h grade are given 10:30-11:30 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday starting with Language Arts. After the break we will start the math testing on Tuesday and Thursday.  ‘”If your child needs extra time, we’ll be doing make up time in the afternoons.  Children in the fourth grade will not be responsible to make up classwork during any extra test time they need. 

Everyone should continue reading at least 20 minutes per night independently.  Have your child read to you sometimes so that they can show you how well they are reading.  They LOVE to read out loud in during class time so I’m sure they would like to share with you.  Reading to  a younger sibling is also a good way to promote reading as it benefits both  children.  I’m hoping that most of the students are choosing appropriate grade level books most of the time.  Some of the 4th graders are reading to read longer, more complex chapter books.  This will improve their comprehension and help them get their “mind movie” going! 

We are closing in on the end of the geometry unit in math. I asked Mrs. Hand to do this unit with them as it doesn’t require a lot of arithmetic. It is quite different from other math units as there is much less theory and higher order thinking.  Overall, it is a fun subject for both the students and the teacher.  

In reading, we will continue to work on “Houdini”.  We’ll continue to work on our regions interactive notebook and the regions brochure project during the afternoon.  We should be wrapping up teh science unit on technology VERY soon.  Our next unit should go much more quickly and be more fun.  It will be on rocks and fossils.  After the rock project last term, the 4th graders have a great deal of knowledge about rocks already.  

We have MANY ways to earn spirit points this very short month.  We’ll start on Friday with Major League baseball and the start of spring training.  Students should wear their favorite team’s logo or colors.  I think we’ll be seeing a lot of red, white and blue!  Wednesday, April 25th will be Island Day. We’ll be wearing Island attire that day (no swim suits) for points as well. Lastly we are collecting box tops.  Please send your box tops in for 5 points each.  Please cut them out neatly and check the expiration dates (good jobs for the 4th grader in your house) and send them in. 

We have the awards assembly in the afternoon of  Thursday April 5th.  The school play will be next Wednesday April 11.  There will be a dress rehearsal that afternoon with the big performance that evening.  Parents are welcome to either or both performances. 

We still have assignments on Study Island.  I’d like to start counting these assignments in the grades.  The kids have some time in the computer lab on Fridays, but otherwise this is independent work on the computer. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at, or call using the school number and leave a message.  I usually respond with in 12-24 hours. 

Ms. Sullivan














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