Grade 6

Welcome Back 6th Grade!

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Ms. Sullivan

Happy Fall!   What an interesting fall this will be!  The students are doing very well and handling this unique situation.  The sixth grade are excellent role models for the rest of the school as they are washing hands, using hand sanitizer and wearing masks.  

Everyone has been able to log on to all the online programs in case we have to go to remote learning.  The chromebooks are getting a workout!  

The first month of school is going by quickly and we are starting to settle into a routine.   We’ve started science (Sun, Moon and Earth systems) online this year.  In math we are doing long division with 2 digit divisors and estimating with compatible numbers. We’ll also be working with prime numbers, factors, and multiples.  Our math program is online and is called Think Central. Everyone also needs to get to the green light on REFLEX at least three times a week.  There are also assignments on Study Island.  In reading we are focusing on informational articles in Scope magazine.  Both Scope and Scholastic News are online as well.  We are focusing on summarizing, text structure, mood and close reading questions.  the xstudents are finishing their “Will I still be Me?” poem.  The students will be sharing their poems, and I expect we will learn more about all of them.  The sixth grade is also going over online safety and plagerism laws in technology.  So we are very busy already!

See you very soon, 

Ms Sullivan

PS If you need to contact me, my e-mail is

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