Grade 6


Welcome to the 6th Grade! : 100 All in One Mixture - 50 Tulips Bulbs and 50 ...



We’re starting our third week of “Stay at Home, Stay Safe” And it is looking like we will not return to school before the end of April at the earliest.  Last Monday we officially rolled out our distance-teaching. There was much confusion and many people were overwhelmed.  We had a virtual staff meeting Friday and are making some changes that will hopefully streamline the process. 

  •  Monday mornings at 8:00, the teachers will be posting the entire weeks assignments on Google Classroom. 
  • All assignments will be due the next Sunday night.
  • There will also be supplemental assignments for those that would like to do more. They are strictly voluntary.
  • Epic class code is gil9720,  Prodigy class code is F6C4B1
  • Lastly, If you want an answer to a question quickly, please e-mail me between 9-12 am and 2-3 pm  Otherwise, I will answer your e-mails the next morning.
  •  My e-mail address is   

Until we are back at SES, I hope everyone stays well!

Thank you, 

Susan Sullivan


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