Grade 4


We Three Queens - Holstein Cows, Jersey Cow, Red Barn, Snowfall, Rural American Art - Print by Bonnie Mohr

Welcome to the 4th Grade!

With the 100th day of school on February 5th, we are more than half way through the year!  It’s going by very quickly! Before you know it, This group- will be moving down the hall to the 5th and 6th grade wing!

Things are quite busy here at SES.  Several fourth graders are  preparing for the “Emperor’s New Clothes” in drama.  The chorus is working hard to earn money and practice for the Great East music Festival.  Next Wednesday we will be working with representatives from the Mohegan Grant Challenge.  This grant also includes a trip to the Museum at some point. This is a grant that Mrs. Bakken applied for and it costs us nothing to participate in the activities.  

We’re wrapping up Bananagrams and wish to congratulate our first four that have made it to the next round, Taylor Lawrence, Amelia Sears, Abby Sears and Kira Aiello.  Big Congratulations to Abby Sears as she progresses on to the next round! 

We are ready to move to the Mountain region in Social Studies.  The students are really enjoying learning about the different states.  In science we will be starting the Rocks and Fossils unit and the Rock project in technology.  The next reading selection is “What Jo Did” It is a great story about not judging a book by its cover and that one can do anything with determination. We’ll be using word structure to determine the meaning of unknown vocabulary words, working on drawing conclusions and cause and effect to improve comprehension. the Biography projects turned out very well.  Our next writing assignment will be writing some poetry for a Valentine’s Day contest.   Now that the 4th grade has become experts on nouns, it is time to delve into verbs. We’re wrapping up division in math  and will next be starting a unit on fractions.  While this is a relatively short unit, it can be difficult for 4th graders.  However the good news is that we don’t do any new way of solving problems with fractions.  

The winter cold season has rolled around.  We are encouraging the use of hand sanitizer as well as frequent washing.  We’ll also be disinfecting the desks and surfaces in the classroom. Hopefully, we’ll be able to spend time outdoors art recess to get some fresh air and lots of exercise.  With any luck we’ll be able to keep everyone upright and healthy!

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have an questions or concerns.  I usually respond to e-mails within 24 hours.  If I cannot answer your inquiry, I’ll ask either Mrs. P. or Dr. Baran for the correct answer. 

Thank you,

Ms. Sullivan

PS the painting is by Bonnie Mohr.  She has a website of all of her wonderful cow paintings, click on Bonnie Mohr for more information




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