Grade 6


Welcome to the 6th Grade!


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It’s time to say farewell to 1919.  The first term has ended and the holiday break will be on us in a week.  Sixth grade is very busy this time of year.  We have concerts and practices, “Kids go Shopping” and assemblies.  Overall a rather crazy time. The students will be expected to complete work during this time as they may well forget everything in 2020!  

The school is doing “Holidays around the World” this year.  The sixth grade is busy studying the holiday traditions from Germany.  Did you know that many of our traditions originated in Germany?  The entire school will be visiting our classroom December 19, 2019 and the kids will share what they have learned in their research.  They will also be expected to write a short essay with an introduction, conclusion, main ideas and supporting details.  these will be due when we return in 2020.  A couple of kids are doing food so they may want to bring in something to share.  Germany has LOTS of baking at this time of year.  

We’ll be continuing  sixth grade fundraising for the activities at the end of the year. Thank you Mrs. Hernandez for organizing the wreath sales.  Wow!  we earned a lot of money!  She is also organizing a bake sale for the night of the concert. There will also be a raffle basket. Some lucky family will win a basket full of toys and games.    If you can help out please contact Sandy Hernandez (  

WE will also be having a Secret Santa.  Your child will be giving a gift or gifts to another without the gift receiver knowing who gave it to them.  They need to try to guess! We’ll be doing this on the last day of school this year!

 The Term 1 Awards assembly is Thursday December 19th at 2:00. 

As many of you know, I will be out from the 12th through the end of the year.  I’m having my ankle replaced. Yes they can do that!  I plan to return January 2, 2020 as that will give me three weeks from surgery.  I’ll be whizzing around the school on a knee scooter hopefully!

AS always, please contact me if you have nay questions or concerns.  My e-mail address is   I usually answer within 24 hours. 

Enjoy this beautiful season full of love and happiness

Ms. Sullivan

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