Grade 4


Welcome to the 4th Grade!


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It’s Time for Fourth Grade to get Outside and enjoy SPRING!

Spring must be here by now as we move into May! April flew by this year with so much going on. I expect the remainder of the year will go by just as fast!

We started state testing on April 20th and completed the Language Arts portion first. We start the Math testing on Monday, May 1st.  The class worked exceptionally hard.  They did not race through it as it has no time limit, but each one took their time and read carefully.  I was pleased that so many went back into the reading selections to find the answers or support for the answers.  I’m sure they will put forth the same effort on the math portion. 

 Speaking of tremendous effort, the travel brochures and presentations on the different regions of the United States are excellent.  Each pair of students researched and developed a brochure on their region.  This took a great deal of research as well as teamwork to put together not only a nice brochure, but also a slide show for their presentations.  Lots of technology learning as well with some pairs being able to use the green screen in their presentation introduction. This project was a lot of fun for the group as well as a great deal of work. Both Mrs. Lowney and I were very impressed with their knowledge and polish as they made their expert presentations. 

We are wrapping up the math unit on measurement.  Learning the metric system can be very challenging as we don’t use it much in the United States.  However, once the class got it, nearly everyone agreed it was easier than the customary measurement system.  We will be moving into my favorite, geometry! I know that these were areas of weakness last year, so I wanted to make certain we covered it this year. Hopefully we will be closing out the year doing decimals and fractions. 

In writing, we are finishing up the “How to”  essays.  We are going to try to also make some technological presentations of these.  It is very interesting what the kids want to teach each other. These essays really help focus students’ organization and logical sequencing. 

We have started a new unit in science about electricity and magnetism. We have some very fun hands-on activities in this unit from studying static electricity to wiring a circuit. We are also focusing on collecting and recording data, inferring and analyzing the data, and producing formal lab reports.  the class is also practicing reading and taking notes on non-fiction text.  

On May 12, 2017, the fourth grade will head north to spend the day at Sturbridge Village.  We will be taking a class as well as touring this 1800’s New England village.  this class has not been to the village and should have a great experience.  The next week on May 19th, the Student council is heading south to Old Mystic Village as well. 

Lastly, the fourth grade won the spirit trophy for March! We are putting forth great effort to win it a third time this year.  This is a very big challenge for the smaller classes, but clearly the fourth grade has tons of spirit!  Most impressive is the ideas and cooperation they come up with to earn staff cash.  They say poems, sing songs and even do exercise for all the teachers to earn those elusive staff cash dollars. If you have any box tops, please send them in as they earn us spirit points as well. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me directly or e-mail me at

Have a happy and safe March!

Ms. Sullivan




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