Grade 4


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Welcome to the 4th Grade!

Oh my!  It’s April already!  Hopefully we will really have spring this month!   Our bulbs we planted last fall are coming up in the front flower beds.  The 4th graders are taking great pride and ownership of these flowers.  They even asked Mrs. P. to make an announcement to ask people to stay on the walks and not cut through the flower beds.

April is a very busy time for the fourth grade.  We have field trips scheduled for April 5th and April 23rd.  The Drama Club;s presentation of  “The Emperor’s New Clothes” will be Wednesday April 3rd, On April 4th , we will having the term 2 awards assembly. Baseball spirit day will be Tuesday April 9. Then we have April vacation starting the 13th through the 21st (Easter). We’ll also have a “Down on the Farm” spirit day to honor our farmers.  Crazy busy!

We will be starting the state testing (SBAC) this month. We hope to finish the Language Arts portion before April vacation.  Students will be taking the tests on Tuesday through Thursday over a couple of weeks.  While the kids will have as much time as they need, this can still be a very stressful time.  Getting plenty of rest and lots of exercise will help everyone relax and stay focused.  We will also have NO HOMEWORK during the testing.  I started doing this when I first started teaching, and it seems to keep everyone happier.

As always , if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me

Enjoy the spring and all of the beauty that surrounds us in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut!

Ms. S. 



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