Grade 6


Welcome to the 4th Grade!

How nice it was to return after spring break and be greeted by colorful flowers! The bulbs we planted in the fall made for a great welcome back. The kids were very excited to see the results of planting those dead looking bulbs in the fall. We’re in the homestretch of fourth grade now! Hard to believe how quickly the year has gone.  I am sad to let the group move on down into the other wing and on to Parish Hill.  This group of children have been wonderful as students. As parents, you must be very proud of them.

We completed the Language Arts portion of the state tests before break.  I think everyone put forth their best effort.  The SBAC tests are to evaluate how well the students are doing relative to the Common Core Standards.  The questions are very challenging., but i saw a great deal of persistence in trying to answer the questions well.  We’ll be taking the math portion on  Wednesday May 15 through Friday May 17, 2019.  Please stress that the children can take all the time they need and we really just want them to do their best. Please try to make sure your child gets plenty of rest, eats well, and gets plenty of fresh air. The testing will be in the morning from 10:30-11:30.  

We’re wrapping up adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions with like denominators.  The students have done very well with understanding the concepts.  Next we will be working on measurement and geometry.  We’re going to set up a measurement lab in the science room for the whole school to use before the tests on the 15th.  The class will be writing conversions and using common items to help others understand the different ways to measure.  Not only will we set up examples of customary measurements for length, volume and weight, but also the metric system with meters, liters and grams! The metric system reinforces place value and working in base ten.  Grade and the time Machine is the next reading selection.  It is a play about a time machine powered by imagination that allows a group of children to experience a few different countries and times based on the memories of the main character’s grand mother and and elderly neighbor.  We will also be looking at advertisements which will tie into opinion writing.  the interactive notebooks about the states of different regions are coming along.  Our technology project will be tied in with social studies.  the students will be creating a slide show about a state from the West, Rockies and Great Plains regions.  The students will be working on this in class.  If they use their time wisely, they should be able to keep up.  We’ll be continuing to learn about rocks and fossils and how the Earth’s crust changes in science.  We’ve done a couple of hands’on explorations already and the class is looking forward to doing more. 

As the warm weather approaches, we will be spending  all recesses outside unless it is raining or oppressively hot. I think all of them enjoy being out in the fresh air.  

As always , if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me

I hope all of our families have a wonderful, safe spring as the end of fourth grade approaches. 

Ms. S. 

PS thank you Mr. Lawrence for bringing Daisy the Holstein to SES for farmer day.  She was a BIG hit with all of the students!



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