Grade 4


Welcome to the 4th Grade!


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Fourth Grade is ready for SNOW!

Spring seems to be right around the corner as March comes in like a lamb, albeit a wet lamb! I hope it continues as we’ve had a relatively mild winter with a few delays, an early release and a snow day!  March is a busy moth here at SES!

Thank you to all the parents who have signed up for our parent conference. I’m looking forward to discussing your fourth grader’s progress. They have grown both academically and socially this year, and I expect we will see much more growth through June. Due to Parent Conferences we will have early release days March 2nd and 3rd. 

Next week we will be decorating our door with a  our favorite Dr. Seuss book.  We’ll be making our choice tomorrow as it is secret!! All the classes and the staff will be guessing which book goes with which door. We earn spirit points for having the door and if we match the most doors. Speaking of spirit points, fourth grade put forth great effort to gain the spirit trophy. Everyone participated in spirit days, we collected many many hygiene items, and turned in a lot of box tops. Sadly, second grade turned in even more box tops so we came in second last month.  Thank you for sending in hygiene items and box tops as well as making sure your children are participating in spirit days. While we didn’t win, our efforts went to good causes. Check the calendar for March’s spirit days. 

We are working on a new unit in math. We are working on measurement first and then we will be moving into my favorite, geometry! I know that these were areas of weakness last year, so I wanted to make certain we covered it this year. Hopefully we will be closing out the year doing decimals and fractions. 

Reading finds the fourth grade completing a book report which is also how we have started working on informational writing. I find that once the students grasp informational writing, their overall writing becomes much more organized. 

We are wrapping up our social studies project on the regions of the United States. We’ll be starting a new unit in science that will align with the new state science standards. 

March 14 is π Day (3.14) and we will be having pizza pie!  We’ll also be doing some activities that are relating circumference and diameter as well as celebrating filling the marble jar again. 

Please remember that SES is raising money for the American Heart Association through Jump Rope for Heart.  The collection envelopes went home and you can also make donations online. 

The fourth grade is in the midst of the math unit on division.  They are learning different methods and practicing answering word problems.  It seems to be coming to them much easier than multiplication.  I think we will finish this unit quite quickly. I’m trying to also remind them about fractions and geometry through doing 180 days of math.  This is a series of 10 problems a day that are pretty much review.  We are definitely making good progress in math. 

We have also started to write informational writing pieces. We started with a paragraph about each students New Year’s resolutions incorporating a main idea sentence and supporting details.  These are out on the bulletin board by the door. they did a great job with this. We are currently working with a partner to read a novel.  Then each child will be writing an informative book report on the text that they read. 

Our technology/ social studies project is coming along pretty well. I modified the rubric and the note taking worksheets slightly. Unfortunately I’m having issues uploading it to my webpage.  I will be giving the kids a new rubric and the work sheets.  We need to finish up the research and then start building the brochure in google. Lastly, they will be presenting their brochures and giving a slide presentation on their region. We need to work pretty quickly as we want to wrap it up by the end of the marking period. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me directly or e-mail me at

Have a happy and safe March!

Ms. Sullivan




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