Grade 6


Welcome to the 6th Grade!


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The fall has really arrived!  My favorite time of the year!  With one of my favorite holidays, Halloween!  The sixth grade quickly settled into the routine of school, and they are busy working hard.   They are role models for the younger children and have some new responsibilities.  Those elected to Student Council are putting up and taking down the flags every day.  Maybe Mr. C can teach his trumpet section how to play Revelry in the morning and Taps at the end of the day.  Others are now in charge of selling ice cream on Thursdays and doing the morning announcements.   

SES is getting a rain garden! 4th, 5th and 6th will be decorating the rain barrel and visiting with the person who is putting it in.  this will tie into our science curriculum as well.  We will be discussing watershed contamination in the Thames River watershed.  This will be an interesting and on going project.  

We’ll be starting social studies later in October.  Mrs. Coutu will be teaching social studies, and I’ll be taking the fifth graders for science.  We have been studying the properties of matter both physical and chemical.  Next will be looking at atoms…well not looking as we won’t be able to actually see them! 

The class is writing Scary stories.  Mrs. Lowney will be helping them record their work to put on the internet for all to enjoy.  They’ll be using a new program that will allow them to read it and put scary music with it.  

We’re working our way through the number sense unit in math.  Much of this is review, but we need to jog some memories.  This class is quite proficient in math and are fun to teach.  We have a great deal of ground to cover by spring however.  Expect some math homework several times a well. 

If your child is in Mrs. Coutu’s reading class, they will also have reading home work nearly every night.  If they are with me,  they will have it a couple of times a week.  Expect either grammar or spelling home nightly as well.  We will be alternating weeks between spelling and grammar.  Doing both at once has them doing too much homework.  

If you haven’t signed up for parent conferences yet, please contact either myself or Mrs. Coutu.  We ill be doing conferences together, and the times are filling up fast. 

AS always, please contact me if you have nay questions or concerns.  My e-mail address is   I usually answer within 24 hours. 

Enjoy this beautiful time of year!

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