Grade 6

Welcome 6th Grade!Talking Turkey - Texas Parks & Wildlife Department 

Congratulations everyone!  We have made it into November! The sixth grade continues to work hard to comply with the Covid-19 safety precautions.  However, with the advent of colder weather, outside mask breaks will be at a premium. We can continue to do outside ones if the students are dressed appropriately.  they will also be permitted to play in the snow if they have waterproof boots and regular shoes for inside. 

We are working hard in all subjects.  In math we are working hard g to complete unit 1 on on whole numbers and decimals by the end of the marking period. Think Central is the online program that goes with our math curriculum, Go Math.  If your child is confused, try the Math on the Spot on the Think Central.  I assign the student edition and Math on the Spot, but neither are required.  They are just there if your child is absent or has left their book at school.  Students should continue to work on Reflex   This program is online and is to be done in their spare time at school or at home.   It is a graded assignment.  For full points, the student must get to the green light at least three times a week.  If they do more than three days, they will get extra credit.

I also make assignments on Study Island.  These assignments are again done independently either here or at home.  Look for assignments in math, reading or writing, science or social studies.  The assignments are due at least a week later.  The assignments count towards your child’s grades. 

In reading, we have started “The City of Ember”.  It is the first novel in a series.  the students seem to be enjoying it so far. We are covering vocabulary, constructing response questions, making predications and inferencing as well.  I’m assigning one or two chapters at a time for the students to read independently.  This book is available online for free click on    It is also available on Audible and Kindle. 

 If you need to contact me, my e-mail is

Here is a link to my grade weights including Social Studies:

This is a link to my distance learning plan should we be required to go to distance learning

Here’s to a wonderful Fall!

Ms. Sullivan

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