Writing (updated for the week beginning 3/20/17)

This week students are finishing up writing their magic carpet adventure.  They are encouraged to begin with an interesting setting to explore on their carpet, and to describe the adventure appropriately using their senses.  Students are trying their hand at including onomatopoeia and similes.  Some students are even working on bulletin boards about onomatopoeia, similes, homophones, and metaphors.

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We read Tuesday by David Wiesner …

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… and watched The Snowman by Raymond Briggs to inspire us.

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NEXT, students will be writing rabbit in a meadow setting descriptions.  We will begin by reading Frederick by Leo Leonni.

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This book creates a mouse in the meadow setting by making art only using ripped paper.  Students will do the same for their rabbit in the meadow (or somewhere else a rabbit might be).  Once the setting has been created through art, students will set about writing about the setting, being sure to use their senses, onomatopoeia, similes, and metaphors.

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