Current Social Studies Unit: Community Simulation and Science Unit: Plant and Animal Life Cycles


We’ve completed our online unit of plant life cycles. We will dissect seeds and  try growing some plants soon.  Students are also doing independent research on a plant and creating a Seed Slide Show with Mrs. Lowney’s guidance and expertise!

Image result for plant life cycle dandelion

We learned all about animal life cycles through our school’s new science program.  Now we’re incubating fertilized eggs and hoping to watch baby chicks hatch on June 7th!  We’re learning about changes going on inside the eggs daily and keeping track in our Egg to Chick Diaries.  We’re checking the temperature, keeping the incubators moist, and turning the eggs every hour that we’re in school.  Fingers crossed!


Image result for hatching chicks

Social Studies Unit: Life in the 1800s – Field Trip SOON!!!!!


We have begun our community simulation.  Students have already applied for a community job and have been hired!  We’re all doing our jobs and are preparing for Round 1.

Our jobs include: bankers, grocery store personnel, newspaper reporters, and road crew.  Other community workers include police and social services.

Each round will begin with students receiving a paycheck, paying their mortgage, paying for their car, paying for a newspaper, and paying for groceries.