Third Grade Social Studies Homework

Given 11/27/17 ….. Due 12/18/17


  1. Choose a tradition that your family has that you are willing to share with our class. This home project is a wonderful way to learn about the many different traditions students incorporate into their own family’s winter celebrations.

Here are some examples: baking cookies, drive around looking at lights, decorating a tree, ice skating on a nearby pond, stargazing, visiting Grandma’s house.  Your family may have ties to another country, and you may wish to choose a tradition from that country that your family still keeps.  


  1.  Write about this tradition.  Tell us, step by step, what your family does, who participates, what you wear, food that is eaten, music that is listened to.  The more details, the better. ** If you want Mrs. Bakken to look this over ahead of time, I am happy to do this.  🙂


  1.  Practice reading your paper until it sounds natural.  


  1. Plan to bring in at least 2 visual aids.

For example, if your family tradition is ice skating, you could bring in a hat and gloves, because you wear a hat and gloves when you ice skate.

If your family’s tradition is making cookies, you could bring in a cookie cutter to show, and a cookie for each student to taste.  You could bring in a cookie sheet and draw a large cookie the way you like to decorate it.


  1.  We will be sharing this work on the week of the 18th.  As we get closer to the date, I will be able to tell you exactly which day you’ll be sharing, so that you may more easily prepare.