Third Grade Math

Third Graders are using their skills to solve harder and harder problems.  They’re working to persevere and to do more than two steps to solve tricky problems.

Our focus is on different types of graphs.

We’re also working on solving TANGRAM puzzles, which are ancient Chinese puzzles.  This is helping with our knowledge of shapes and with our perseverance skills too!

Image result for tangram





We are using the following strategies to help guide us through solving word problems:


Find the important information and make sure you understand the question or questions.


Pick a strategy to solve your problem (draw a picture, write an equation, look for a pattern, make a chart or list, work backwards, use logical reasoning, or guess and check).


Do it!  Be neat, use a pencil, line up columns, form your numbers, use graph paper or lined paper.


Is your answer reasonable? Does it make sense? Did you answer all of the question or questions? Did you label correctly?

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