We are working on place value.  Students are learning how to make place value drawings, and how to match these drawings with numbers in their standard form, word form, and expanded form.  We’re also working on rounding to the nearest ten and to the nearest hundred.  We are using our newly acquired rounding skills to estimate answers for word problems and to decide if answers are reasonable or not reasonable.  We’re adding with and without regrouping, and using proof drawings to help us understand what we’re actually doing and to help us check our answers.



We are using the following strategies to help guide us through solving word problems:


Find the important information and make sure you understand the question or questions.


Pick a strategy to solve your problem (draw a picture, write an equation, look for a pattern, make a chart or list, work backwards, use logical reasoning, or guess and check).


Do it!  Be neat, use a pencil, line up columns, form your numbers, use graph paper or lined paper.


Is your answer reasonable? Does it make sense? Did you answer all of the question or questions? Did you label correctly?

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