Writer’s Notebook – you sure may work on these during the summer!

Writer’s Notebook: Students are encouraged to write in their notebook regularly.  They should be writing when inspired by something and when they see something they want to remember for a future piece.  Students are encouraged to do drawings and sketches in the notebook also.


The Writer’s Notebook is meant to inspire our writers and to provide ideas and information for the writer to draw on once the writing has begun.  Here are some entry ideas for the Writer’s Notebook:

Write down questions that you have.  What do you wonder about?

Keep a running list of things that are scary, hilarious, surprising, etc. to you.  Why do these thing affect you like they do?

Clip out pictures and articles from some of your favorite newspapers and magazines.  Why are these your favorites?

Create a list of books you’ve heard about that you want to read.  Check them off when you’re done and write a reaction to the book if you’d like.  

Collect ticket stubs, brochures, photographs, etc. from places that you visit and things that you do.

Devote a page to silly sketches and doodles.

Write about a special tradition in your family and why you enjoy it so much.  Include a family recipe if you wish.

(Credit to readwritethink.org.)


Ideas for stories you may wish to write.

Information or ideas for a nonfiction report or to include in a story that you may wish to write.

Special words that you see or hear that you may wish to use in your writing.

Ideas for a character that you may include in a story you write sometime.


Rough drafts.




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