READING 2nd and 3rd grade

Reading log for 2nd and 3rd grades ?!&budmb2Qpky8/edit?usp=sharing

NEXT READING LOG None next week for Thangsgiving. the December due dates are as follows. December 2nd, December 9th, and December 16th. Reading Logs are not assigned when we have days off dduring the week.

1. Read 15 (2nd grade) or 20 minutes (3rd Grade) Monday-Thursday, 2. Have one of your parents sign it Thursday. 3. Turrn in to Ms. Sullivan on Friday.

Waggle assignment for both 2nd and 3rd grades are due monthly. Your student must complete all of the tasks assigned for that month. https://practice.gogetwaggle.com/teacher/#/home Use your reading username and password.

Both classes have completed the first module of the new program. This is a challenging series for our students, but it should help their comprehension skills.


We have started Unit 2 Area and Multiplication. This can be very confusing for the parents as we were never taught this way!

Get to the green light at least three times a week

WRITING 2nd and 3rd grade

Both 2nd and 3rd are focusing on subjects and predicates of simple sentences. We will be also exploring nouns and verbs.

2nd grade will be writing a holiday story.

3rd Grade will be researching their Connecticut post card for technology.


Science We have been working on STEM projects every other week. Our first one was building a spider web. The second was building a hide fo a turkey. We are also participating in the Natural Instincts program. We visited the Hungerford Nature Center in October, This month they brought live birds of prey for the students to se and learn about the differences between a hawk (red shouldered), a falcon (perigrine) and an owl (Eastern Screech owl). On December 16th we will be exploring backyard birding and learning to build a bird feeder.

Social Studies

The students are creating a flip book about where they live. We are also studying the geography of Connecticut.