Third Grade Reading


Our second whole group reading book is Guests by Michael Dorris.  This heartwarming tale is about the first thanksgiving, told from the Native American point of view.

 Guests: Dorris, Michael: 9780786800476: Books

Students are listening to, discussing, and responding in writing to questions based on the Common Core.  We are also using this as a social studies mentor text.  We are comparing the lives of the characters around the year 1620 to our lives.  We’re comparing cultures, roles, relationships, technology, food, and shelter.

Charlotte's Web - Wikipedia

Our first whole group reading book was Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White.  Students listened to the story, reading along if they were able.

Comprehension skills we are learning and practicing include: describing characters using character traits, backing up the claim using evidence from the text, identifying onomatopoeia, describing setting, identifying how characters change, and identifying why characters behave the way that they do.


Students are reading leveled literature on RAZ KIDS/LEARNING A-Z and answering questions  based on the Common Core.Kids A-Z - Apps on Google Play

INDEPENDENT READING:  Students will be reading “just right” literature.  These books should be interesting to them and at an appropriate reading level.  They’ll check in frequently and be encouraged to use comprehension strategies that we are working on.  Finally, they’ll respond in writing using the BOOK BUZZ format.  Students are encouraged to find actual books sometimes to give themselves a break from working on the computer!

Just Right Books Poster and Bookmarks

Magic Treehouse books might be “just right” for your child beginning third grade!

Magic Treehouse #24: Soccer on Sunday: Mary Pope Osborne ...

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