Grade 3 – Ms. Sullivan

Ms. Susan Sullivan


Welcome February!

February is a very short month so it will go by quickly! So far we have been blessed with little snow! Perhaps the mild weather will continue though I’m a little sick of rain! If there is snow, please make sure your child has boots and appropriate snow clothes for going ooutside at recess. This is also a good idea if it is very wet and muddy. Several kids came in the other day with soaked shoes and socks as well as coats and pants. You should receive aphone call from the school alert system should school be delayed, realeased early or cancelled.

We have a break coming up this month for President’s Day, Friday February 17, Monday February 20 and Tuesday February 21. The Lutz Children’s Museum is alos coming to give a presentation ” Fur, Feathers and Scales” This is part of the Natural Instincts Grant. So far the monthly prgrams have been excellent. December’s program was about building sustainable bird feeders. The kids have been engaged and totally into the various animals. This also goes along wiht our strudying of animals in science. We started looking at how fossels tell us so much about pre-historic animals. Thie science program is Mystery Science and it is a terrific program. We have just about finished the unit in math on Area and Multiplication. We’ll be moving into the second book as ssoon as this unit is completed. In writing we are exploring informatioinal writing. In social studies, we ar continueing to explore Connecticut. The student postcards turned out great and the kids really worked hard. Reading is pretty challengin with looking at the US Constitution and other American institutions.

While there has been very little homework, students must get to the green light on Reflex at least three times a week. They also must complete a reading log that is sent home every Friday. Mrs. Apley also has homework that must be completed. Not only do these assignments help your child make progress, they are also a part of their grade.

I know it is hard to believe, but we are over half way through 3rd grade! The 3rd graders will be taking the state testing (SBAC) for the first time in May. We will be practicing taking the test as they will be taking it on their chrome books. I want them to be able to negotiate the website easily to eliminate some of the anxiety over this assesment.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me ( I usually answer within 24 hours. Please continue to check your child’s blue folder daily. This is a very importatnt tool for school to home communication. Any information from the front office will be in there as well as homework, tests and other items. IF your child has brought home a blue form for discipline, please read it and sign it after you have discussed the incident.

Happy February!

Susan Sullivan

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