Grade 3 – Ms. Sullivan

Ms. Susan Sullivan


October has arrived in Scotland CT.

My favorite month of the year has arrived! Fall really starts in October with bright, blue skies, fresh, cool breezes, and the smell of woodstoves heating cozy homes. The first month of school is over, and the third grade is settling into routines, rules and expectations.

The new math and reading programs are going well, and we are all starting to figure out all the different parts and how to learn from the activities. We will be having end of the unit tests on the first units in math and in reading soon. The students do have assignments in Wagle, the reading program, and Reflex (get to the green light three times a week). They will also have a reading log for any full week of school.

In writing, the students are producing their first process writing piece. It is a scary story, perfect for the upcoming holiday. The focus will be on the entertaining beginning. This will be due 10/29. While most of it should be completed in school, if your child falls behind, they will have to work on it at home. We have already completed the summarizing frame to help them organize their ideas.

We are also exploring the geography and climate of Connecticut in Social Studies using flip books and interactive notebooks.

We have a field trip to Hungerford Nature Center coming up October13th. Thank you for sending back permission slips so quickly. We’ll have to watch the weather so we can dress appropriately. We will be going with the second grade as well.

Thank you for returning the the blue folders every day. That is a big help in letting you know what is going on. Please check it so that the things that need to stay at home, stay at home, and the things that need to be returned are returned. Then put it back in your child’s backpack so that it returns daily.  

Lastly, if you are not signed up for Powerschool, please contact the office for passwords. This is the grade program. You can log in and check your child’s progress through out the term so that there are no surprises at parent conferences or report cards.  

As always, if you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to contact me.  I answer my emails (  within 24 hours, or put a note in your child’s blue folder. I also try to update my webpage for homework, long term projects and important dates several times a week. 

Enjoy October!

Susan Sullivan

PS Ice cream is available for a dollar on Fridays at lunch. The student council (4th-6th grades) sell it to raise money for their activities.

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