May 21, 2017

Our field trip to the Children’s Museum was a huge success! We were able to observe many different types of creatures including tarantulas, lizards, foxes, a bobcat, turtles and several others. Some of us were able to touch a hedgehog and a snake. The hedgehog was a bit nervous and would jump when we lightly touched him on his spiky back; the snake on the other-hand didn’t seem to mind and felt very smooth to the touch. Our classroom experience was a “Crime Lab” where we were able to solve a crime by using “evidence” that was found at the scene of the crime. We worked like detectives looking at handwriting samples and fingerprints under our magnifying glasses. We were pretty sure who the primary suspect was at the end of our experience. How interesting! The planetarium was a big hit as well. We watched a video “up in the sky” about the seasons. We learned about the stars and planets and were entertained and amazed in the process! Ask your child what he/she enjoyed most at the museum.


In Math, we have been learning about arrays and  getting ready for multiplication. We learned how to measure in centimeters and inches to make equal parts which has helped us to begin to  understand fractions. Your children have been working hard to figure out different ways to make equal parts out of circles, rectangles and squares. They are starting to understand what a fraction is and are becoming familiar with lots of new math terms. We have also been learning how to solve word problems by using different units of measurement. We measured the distance around a beach towel and learned perimeter. It was amazing to see everyone tackle this activity differently! We took our Unit 7 test this week and did very well. Now we will spend the rest of the year reviewing skills and concepts that we need to brush up on so that we can be more than ready to begin third grade math!

image3In Reading, we have finished reading non-fiction books about animals. Each student chose a specific animal to study and has taken notes  from their books and other sources, including PebbleGo. They are currently working on writing a report about their animal and will be presenting to the class and sharing their knowledge with other students. There will be an at-home project due on May 30th as well. Each child will work on creating a realistic habitat in a shoe box for his/her animal. We can’t wait to see the creativity that will be used to create these dioramas. We will also be reading several different Fairy Tales over the next few weeks and comparing and contrasting different versions. As always, students have an independent book that they are reading on their own.

We have wrapped up our plant unit in Science. Our marigold plants finally went home to be given as Mother’s Day gifts. The students were so excited and proud.  We have learned so much about plants and have finally finished our plant presentation and are  excited to share it with you! A big thank you to Mrs. Morelli and Mrs. Lowney for helping us finalize this project. For the next few weeks we will be participating in some STEM inspired experiments. We will begin by building a marble track.

Please click on the link below to see what we’ve learned about plants:

carnationsIn Social Studies, we have finished creating our recycled projects. The students were so excited to bring them home to share. It was amazing to watch your children use their imaginations and invent new ways to reuse different materials. We just began a new unit and will be talking about communities and the similarities and differences among each type.  We watched a short video and learned about three different types of communities, urban, suburban and rural. We decided that Scotland is a rural community and will be talking about where we live and the different places in our community. Each child drew a replica of his/her house and located their house on a town map which is hanging in our classroom.

IMG_2772In writing, we learned how to write a cinquain poem. This was a little tricky; however everyone did a great job counting the correct number of syllables they needed for each line. They are hanging in the hallway for all to enjoy.  We are also working on finalizing our animal reports. We have learned so much about many different animals and have been working on turning our notes into paragraphs. Our reports will include information about what our animal looks like, the habitat it lives in, the food it eats and interesting facts.  Hopefully, we will be able to write a Fairy Tale by the end of the year as we are beginning a Fairy Tale Unit. We are learning about the different elements of a Fairy Tale and will be reading and watching several different Fairy Tales over the next few weeks. As always, we will continue to write in our journals, learn to write different types of poems and continue writing stories.

As you can see, we have been learning and having fun together in second grade!  Please keep encouraging your child to read at home, complete reading logs as well as homework. Thank you for your continuous support!



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