June 9, 2017


It’s hard to believe there is only one week of school left. We have been working so hard on our animal reports and dioramas! On Friday, we were able to share our hard work with the first and third graders. They visited our class to learn about all the different animals we have been studying about! The students were excited and extremely proud to share all they had learned. We ended the week with a well-deserved ice cream party.

In Math,  we will spend the rest of the year reviewing skills and concepts that we need to brush up on so that we can be more than ready to begin third grade math! We will also play some math games and partake in some math activities that will really make us think! This week we were asked to solve a word problem about chickens and cows. Please ask your children what they had to do to figure out how many feet and tails were in the farmer’s field. We also built chains by using one piece of 12 x 18 construction paper. The direction was to try to build the longest chain. What an amazing group of problem solvers these kiddos are! Next week, we will determine what group built the longest chain by measuring them and graphing our results.

In Reading, we have been sharing different versions of Fairy Tales. We learned what the different elements of a Fairy Tale are and have done several activities.   We are working on our culminating class project which is to make a board game and create comprehension questions to go along with our board games. Students can use a Fairy Tale or his/her independent reading book they have been reading during class. They are very excited and look forward to playing them during the last few days of school.

In science, we will be participating in some STEM inspired experiments. We built a marble track on Thursday and will finish that up next week. Today we will make slime…..we can’t wait! We will also finish reading our Scholastic News magazines.

Please click on the link below to see what we’ve learned about plants:

carnationsIn Social Studies, we have finished creating our recycled projects. The students were so excited to bring them home to share. It was amazing to watch your children use their imaginations and invent new ways to reuse different materials. We  also just finished up our community unit. We watched a short video and learned about three different types of communities, urban, suburban and rural. We decided that Scotland is a rural community and have discussed where we live and the different places in our community. Each child drew a replica of his/her house and located their house on a town map which is hanging in our classroom. We also used our Social Studies books to help us fill in a chart comparing and contrasting the differences among the three types of communities.

IMG_2772In writing, we learned how to write a cinquain poem. This was a little tricky; however everyone did a great job counting the correct number of syllables they needed for each line. They are hanging in the hallway for all to enjoy.  We have finally finished our animal reports and were able to share them last week with two other grades. We did an amazing job on writing these reports and learned how to write a focused paragraph in the process.  We also wrote a riddle to go along with our reports. Students had a blast thinking about the clues they would use to describe his/her animal. In addition, we are learning about the different elements of a Fairy Tale and will be reading and watching several different Fairy Tales over the next two weeks. As always, we will continue to write in our journals and finish up any work that needs to be completed.

As you can see, we have been learning and having fun together in second grade!  Please keep encouraging your child to read at home, complete reading logs as well as homework. Thank you for your continuous support!



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