After vacation we will be using recycled materials to build a creation.  Please save cardboard rolls, strawberry baskets, empty milk jugs, bottle caps, cardboard, etc. Anything you think we can use for our “create your own” recycled project would be gladly accepted.  You could also talk with your child to plan out what he/she may create. Thank You!!

April 22, 2017    Happy Earth Day!

Island Day proved to be quite an interesting and amazing day! We danced to Beach Boy music, made a “palm tree” snack out of (mostly) healthy foods, ate snow cones, hunted for hidden pineapples, used liquid watercolors to make the Earth, watched a Magic School Bus video about plants and participated in fun and outrageous activities in the gym with Mrs. Pinsonneault. Please see the pictures below depicting the wonderful day that we had. Despite all this fun, we still managed to get some work done this week……….




In Math, we are continuing to add and subtract 3 digit numbers with regrouping. We learned that “ungroup” means the same thing as “regroup”. We can even subtract from 1,000 now and are getting really good at it! We are trying our hardest to remember to line up our problems carefully and work step by step.  Just recently, we learned how to check our answers by using the reverse operation which we find pretty amazing! We are also becoming experts at solving 3 digit addition and subtraction word problems, but just need to remind ourselves to read with caution! This week, we will finish up our last lesson in Unit 6 and begin reviewing for our Unit 6 test which will be given toward the end of the week.

In Reading, we have just begun to read a chapter book titled, My Father’s Dragonwritten by Ruth Stiles Gannett. It is a Newbery Honor book and it’s about a boy named Elmer Elevator who runs away to Wild Island to rescue a baby dragon.  We are very excited about the book and are learning many new vocabulary words and doing a great deal of predicting about what will happen to Elmer and the dragon. One of our extension activities is to make a backpack like Elmer’s and create all the things that he brings with him. The students are having a blast working on this activity and will eventually be designing a new cover for this book which we will attach to the front of our backpack. Our comprehension skills are becoming better and better as we read and discuss this humorous adventure!

We are wrapping up our plant unit in Science. We are continually observing and recording information about the seeds we  planted as well as observing our basil seeds. Both types of seeds have changed drastically. Hopefully this week, we will finish recording our informational writing in the computer lab with Mrs. Lowney and will post it on our website for everyone to view.


We have just started talking about Earth Day and learning about all the different things that we can do to help save our Earth. We read an article and watched a short video about recycling and look forward to creating our very own creations out of recycled materials that we have been saving. We will learn about the three main natural resources and all the different ways we can conserve and preserve these resources to help keep our Earth safe and beautiful for many generations to come!


In Writing, we will take the information we have learned about Earth Day and write an informational paragraph about the different ways we can help the Earth. We will continue to write in our journals, work on our stories, and learn to write different types of poems.

As you can see, we have been learning and having fun together in second grade!  Please keep encouraging your child to read at home, complete reading logs as well as homework. Thank you for your continuous support!



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