First Grade Newsletter

September 7, 2017


  • September 12 is the Open House
  • Spelling test on Friday

Last week we began learning the routines and procedures in first grade.  We now have 14 students in our class and one more is joining us soon!

Reading:  We practiced our reading rotations, (read-to-self, word work, work-on-writing, and read with the teacher). I am beginning to get to know the students as readers and form differentiated groups.

Spelling: Most weeks we will have a pre-test on Monday and a spelling test on Friday.  Sometimes, I will spend an extra week when the words are particularly challenging. This week we are working on short a words. List: at, cat, dad, mad, sack, back, bat, can, ran, am.

Science:  We have a brand new science program! It has beautiful workbooks and an on-line component with STEM activities all aligned to the NGSS standards. So far, we have worked in our interactive science notebooks.  We learned about the scientific process of observation, using our senses, and classified materials as toys or tools.

Writing:  The children are working on writing about a special memory prompted by sharing their “Me Bags”.

Call or email with any questions at all!

Allison O’Connor