First Grade Newsletter

Reminders: The assembly was a smashing success! Thank you to everyone who donated shirts!

Reading:  We are working on reading stories about how things change and grow in nature. We are reading books like, Butterflies, Animals Grow and Change, and Where are My Animal Friends, among others. The children are also working on deciphering facts from opinions, ABC order, and fiction vs. nonfiction. In our small groups, we are working on our sight words, reading differentiated books, and playing er,ir,ur games!

Writing:  The children worked very hard on personal narrative pieces entitled, My Lucky Life.  They used 4-leaf clover graphic organizers to write down their ideas and then made them into sentences.  We are now working descriptive writing pieces about our leprchauns! They are using “juicy” adjectives to describe their leprechaun puppets.

Math:  We are working on grouping items by 10s and then counting them by 10.  We are also working on adding three addends together.  Also, we are working on measuring using non-standard units of measure, (clovers). The children are measuring the carpet, the Smartboard, their hands, feet, and more! This will transition nicely to measuring with standards units, (inches) soon!

Spelling:  We are on our second week with our er,ir,and ur words.  The children have read about the “bossy r” and made bossy r posters.  They will have a spelling test on Friday.

Call or email with any questions at all!

Allison O’Connor