First Grade Newsletter

May 24, 2017

Thank you to everyone who helped out with our field trip. We had a great time!

Reading:  We are still working on our paleontology unit.  We are reading many stories about dinosaurs including: A Dinosaur Names Sue, Mr. Bones, Dinosaur Hunter, and We’re Going on a Dinosaur Dig.  This tied in nicely with our visit to the museum.

Science:  We have enjoyed observing two praying mantis pods hatch. We released them in the garden behind our playground.

Writing:  Today, we will finish our All About Praying Mantis books. We will also work on fiction stories entitled, “If I were a praying mantis”. Next week, we will learn about paragraphs and practice writing coherent paragraphs.

Math:  We are still reviewing for our unit 6 test. The children are challenged by comparison bars and graph reading.

Spelling:  We are working on the oa, ow spelling pattern. Children are rainbow writing, shaving cream writing, and alphabetizing their words.

Call or email with any questions at all!

Allison O’Connor