First Grade Newsletter

April 19, 2017

Reading:  We have begun a unit about celebrations. The children are reading many books regarding family holidays and celebrations around the world. These titles include, Pedro’s Birthday Party, Mama’s Birthday Present, and Holidays.

Science:  We have been learning all about the praying mantis. We have been reading books about them, watching videos and we even have larvae!  The children made predictions about when the larvae would start to hatch.

Writing:  We are still fully engulfed in writer’s workshop. Some children are working on how to books, others are writing narratives, or fictional stories. The children are learning to edit and publish their work.

Math:  We have finished our unit 5 work and are reviewing now. We will take the unit 5 test by Friday.

Spelling:  We are working on words with the long a, (ai or ay) pattern.

Call or email with any questions at all!

Allison O’Connor