Music Forms

After school Sign-Up

 We will be starting our after school chorus Wednesday, January 28th. The chorus will be open to all students in 4-6th grade and will meet for one hour after school. The rest of the schedule will be posted on the music page on our school website. Late bus transportation is NOT available this year. You will need a ride home from all rehearsals. A code of conduct must be signed and followed for participation in the chorus. The form is on the back of this sheet. Attendance will be taken, and it is important for students to be at all rehearsals. With our past successes at the Great East Festival, I am excited to be participating again. It is a long yet rewarding day usually requiring a 6:30am start and return at 9:30pm. The date for this year is Friday, May 29th. The festival does require a financial obligation for students and chaperones. Last year the cost per person was $100, and the festival prices have not been set this year. The anticipated cost for this year is $100 a person. I will have more information when the group is officially started. The bus holds 54 passengers, and chaperones will be welcome to join us on a first come first serve basis. We have always had room for everyone, and I hope you will join your son/daughter for the trip. Individual profits made from Little Caesars and any fundraisers will be applied directly for your trip. 20 kits will cover one trip. If anyone has additional fundraiser ideas or would like to organize a fundraiser please let me know. The first payment to the festival is due on our third rehearsal, February 11, for both students and chaperones.

Please feel free to contact me at the school with any questions or email me at

Thank you

Memorial Parade

This is just a reminder of our participation in the Scotland Memorial Day Parade. The parade will take place this Sunday, May 24th. I am asking that students arrive at the town green no later than 11:45am. I would like to request that students wear a Scotland shirt or red, white and blue. If they are in baseball, softball, girl scouts/boy scouts, they are permitted to wear those uniforms as well. Hats, Sunglasses and sunscreen would also be a good idea. The ceremony is at 12 and the parade steps-off by 12:20. Students will then travel with the parade ending at the Scotland Cemetery. You may pick up your musician at the end of the parade route. We do return to the town green if you would prefer picking your musician up there. We do not travel up to the cemetery, but you are more than welcome to take your child for the rem3aining ceremonies. We should be finished by 12:45. The official end time is usually around 1:15. Food and soft drinks are typically provided for participants back at the Congregational Church.  I will not be attending that portion of the event. I know this is a busy weekend for most families, but I would appreciate as many students as possible to represent our band to the community.

Recorder Info.

 As you may already know, 3rd grade is recorder year in music at Scotland. It is the start of the exploration of instruments. All students are required to play as part of their music class. Students should practice the recorder a minimum of ten minutes a day. (Parents, I know this may be hard, but you can separate this into two five minutes sessions at the opposite end of the house. Nice weather could = outside practice). The following recorder options are available. Please check your desired option and return the bottom portion of this form. If neither option fits your needs, please let me know so other arrangements can be made.


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