Music Event Information- If Applicable by Year

 All live performance events have been cancelled until further notice. Decisions moving forward in regards to performances will be made by the Superintendent.

Please feel free to contact me at the school with any questions or email me at

Thank you


As usual, the plan is for the concert to last approximately one hour.  Students from grades PK-6 will be performing various songs reflecting their level of musicianship and the joys of the season. Our daytime practice concert is open for those of you who cannot attend our evening show or would just like to see the performance twice. The early concert will be held at approximately 1:30 (we always have a few bah-hum-“bugs” to work out).

Preparations for the concert are in full swing, and there are a few reminders to consider for Wednesday. Band students will need to bring their instruments to school for a full rehearsal on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thusday. We ask that you remain seated and quiet during all performances. Our goal at a concert is to promote a safe and supportive environment. Our students are excited about performing for a large crowd and are expecting the crowd to be attentive to their performance. You may not be at a concert to see everyone perform, but all students have prepared to perform for all of you. You may be sitting next to, in front of, or behind the parents or families of any student on stage, and it is important to teach our performers proper concert etiquette, so, we do ask that you are courteous and only exit for emergencies. PK students are the only students permitted to leave their teachers after performing. K-6 students will be with their teachers for the entire concert so they can participate in the last song and eliminate confusion after the concert. We do ask that you stop by and make sure your child’s teacher can confirm your child is with you and safe after the concert has finished. When the concert runs smoothly, and there is no need to wait for a quiet audience, we can perform the concert in 1 hour.

Concert Dress is the same as usual. For those of you in need of a little reminder or are new to SES, all I ask is that you please try to avoid jeans and t-shirts, but there is no uniform requirement. All students have looked wonderful in the past, and I am confident that you will use your best judgment when preparing for the concert. Students have asked about Santa hats and reindeer ears, and they are permitted for the December concerts.

Instrumentalists should arrive at 5:40 for a brief warm-up/run through, and all other students should be sitting with their class and ready at 5:50 to ensure a prompt start to our evening show. I look forward to seeing you at any or all of our performances.

2020 Memorial Parade

This is just a reminder of our participation in the Scotland Memorial Day Parade. The parade will take place Sunday, May 24th. I am asking that students arrive at the town green no later than 11:45 am. I would like to request that students wear a Scotland shirt or red, white and blue. If they are in baseball, softball, girl scouts/boy scouts, they are permitted to wear those uniforms as well. Hats, Sunglasses and sunscreen would also be a good idea. The ceremony is at 12 and the parade steps-off by 12:20. Students will then travel with the parade ending at the Scotland Cemetery. You may pick up your musician at the end of the parade route. We do return to the town green if you would prefer picking your musician up there. We do not travel up to the cemetery, but you are more than welcome to take your child for the remaining ceremonies. We should be finished by 12:45. The official end time is usually around 1:15. Food and soft drinks are typically provided for participants back at the Congregational Church.  I will not be attending that portion of the event. I know this is a busy weekend for most families, but I would appreciate as many students as possible to represent our band to the community.

Recorder Info.

 As you may already know, 3rd grade is recorder year in music at Scotland. It is the start of the exploration of instruments. All students are required to play as part of their music class. Students should practice the recorder a minimum of ten minutes a day. (Parents, I know this may be hard, but you can separate this into two five minutes sessions at the opposite end of the house. Nice weather could = outside practice).

Band Sign Up

All 4-6th Grade students are allowed to participate in band. 5th & 6th grade students can start this year even if they have not played in the past. Each student is given one lesson a week. This year lessons will be on a rotating schedule to make sure they are not missing the same class each week. They are also required to practice during the rest of the week to prepare themselves for continued growth on their chosen instrument. Students in band are also expected to participate in our two concerts (December & June) and the Memorial Day Parade (Sunday of Memorial Day weekend: 11:30 am-1 pm).

Typically, the following instruments are included in beginning band: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone and Percussion. If there is room, a section for keyboard, Guitar or additional instrument lessons will be added. There are three possible instrument options for band this year. If you own an instrument, you are ready to go. If you do not own an instrument, the rent to own option is truly the best option available. The instrument provided is in new condition, and there is only one low payment that covers you through our first concert in December. After the concert, a monthly payment is due until the instrument is paid in full and is yours to keep. The lending library is the final option, but I would encourage students to try the rental option. All of the rental instruments are reasonably priced ($40 for the trail period for all instruments except saxophones and baritones), and most repairs are covered while renting. Please fill out the form below and return it to Mr. Coporale as soon as possible, so your new musical journey can begin.

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