Drama Club




This years show:

The Emperor’s New Clothes 

Show Date Wednesday, April 3

We do have some clothing available from past shows, but costumes are typically provided by the individual. If you need assistance with your costume or even just ideas, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Rehearsal Schedule

January m7, w9, m14, w16, m23, m28, w30

February m4, w6, m11, w13, w20, m25, w27

March m4, w6, m11, w13, m18, w20, m25, w27

April m1, t2

Show Date: April w3

Snow Date: April th4

Snow Days and any cancelled rehearsal  will be made up as needed. Notice will go home and be on this page reflected in the schedule.


Narrator 1:————————————————————————Abigail Sears

Narrator 2:————————————————————————Riley Monahan

King:———————————————————————————-Molly Wilson

Queen:——————————————————————————–Amelia Sears

Prince:——————————————————————————–Ethan Gronback

Princess:—————————————————————————–Ella Ausburger

Guido:———————————————————————————Amaree McKnight

Luigi:———————————————————————————–Sadie Murray

Court Herald:———————————————————————–Chloe Reid

Minister of the Royal Army:————————————————–Victor Bojarski

Minister of Fashion:————————————————————–Savannah Stearns

Minister of Style and Art:——————————————————Emily Nunn

Minister of Pets and Commerce——————————————–Athan Sullivan

Minister of Culture and Recreation:———————————–Taylor Lawrence

Minister of Education:———————————————————–TBA

Congratulations to Everyone! As you know, the decision was extremely difficult. Your attendance and behavior will be crucial to our success. There are always cast members ready to take over a bigger part if needed.