Class Notes


PK (Tuesday/Wednesday)SEPTEMBER: We have started the year with body recognition and movements through the use of echo and animal songs. Students start with music to learn the songs with small movements. We will also be adding songs about color, passing a ball in a circle, PB&J, and trying some songs about the fall season (apples). OCTOBER: 5 Little Pumpkins is our new theme. Students have learned the story and hand gestures. They are now singing through the story while using all movements. The final step is to use the gym space to act out the entire story in groups of 5 while their classmates sing for them. Pumpkin Rolls are one of the classes favorite activities. We are still, per student request, starting with our movement songs from last month.

Kindergarten(Wednesday-Friday)SEPTEMBER: The wonderful world of tempo has the students speaking Italian. We are currently focused on Tempo and trying to be experts in the field by learning 2 tempos: LARGO: Super Slow or snail speed,  and PRESTO: Super Fast, Running Tigers or Cheetahs. I’m sure the children would be more than happy to show you the difference between a Turtle and a Tiger…Just make sure they do it in Italian…OCTOBER: We have added on new tempo to our vocabulary: MODERATO: Marching. Ask for a demonstration. We will also discuss Spookley, The Square Pumpkin and will sing about action words as our new theme. The students final step is to try singing through the story while using all movements and tempos.  We are also using rhythm sticks to perform rhythms and simple songs.

1st Grade (Tuesday & Wednesday)-SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER- Rhythm is our focus to start the year. We will be learning note names and how to perform each note with our voices, our hands, and rhythm sticks. This will serve as a foundation for them to grow in their musical ability as they play more instruments and start to read/see music. They will be learning Quarter notes (One), Quarter Rests (Rest), Half Notes (Half), Half Rests (Hat), Whole Notes and rests (O and Hole).

2nd Grade (Tuesday & Friday)SEPTEMBER: Students are starting the year with a rhythm review. We are working with 5 notes (notes make sounds) and 4 rests (no sound but they still fill music space). When the concept is reviewed, we are adding our first new concept of the year. TIME SIGNATURES!!! This will help the students learn to group our notes and rests together. OCTOBER: The area of Time Signature has been introduced, and students are starting to group their notes and rests into MEASURES (the space between 2 bar lines). You can ask if they remember the definition of a bar line. Our current Time Signatures are: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4. The time signature lets the students know how many beats to put in each measure.

3rd Grade (Thursday & Friday): SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: After review of some basic note reading skills, the time has come…wait for it…RECORDERS! Fitting that we should start close to October, the beginning sounds of the recorder will fit right into the spirit of the season…Students will be  working on 3 notes (BAG) and starting Recorder Karate. The program allows them to work at their own pace while they learn new songs and test for “belts” to add to their recorder. They are also starting to read music on a staff. Once you start to hear playing, ask for a demonstration and show off your skills by reminding them to keep their left hand on the top to play the notes and right hand steadying the bottom. Students are also continuing to work on their music theory skills and practicing their not reading and measure counting.

4-6th Grade (4th Tuesday & Wednesday, 5th Tuesday & Wednesday, 6th Thursday & Friday): SEPTEMBER:  Students will be kicking off the year with a review of notes, rests and values, and once reviewed, they will be composing a simple chant using the words from familiar children’s songs or a creation of their own. They will be performing them for the class for some extra fun.

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