Class Notes

PK (Thursday)–September: In PK, we have been learning about steady beat. We have been using various songs for moving and keeping a steady beat with our hand and feet. We have also read two Pete the Cat stories and used spoken rhythm to help us perform with Pete. October: We will be using our steady beat and sense of rhythm to learn the story of the 5 little pumpkins and retell the story with our hands, voices, and stick figure pumpkins.

Kindergarten/1st grade (Wednesday-Thursday)September: We have started our year by reviewing steady beat and two rhythms (one and rest). Students will be introduced to a new note (one and) and practice/review with review games to reinforce steady beat and various rhythm patterns with our three rhythms. We will also build patterns as a class using the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom October: Continuing our rhythm study, we will break down words by their syllables and determine which rhythm patterns to use to perform basic spoken rhythms. Students will group words by their rhythm and continue to build new rhythms to practice. They will also add a double one and note which we will be calling “avacado”. If time allows in this busy month we will start a discussion about tempo.

2nd Grade (Tuesday & Friday)– September: All students will be involved in a rhythm review to start the school year. One-and One, Half, Dotted Half, O and the corresponding rests will be reviewed through a rhythmic BINGO and some other clapping rhythm games. October: Students will be introduced to Time Signatures this month. This is how we organize all of our music for composing. Students will learn about 4/4, 3/4, and 2/4 Time Signatures and start to compose rhythms while identifying the correct time signatures by using bar lines and double bar lines.

3rd Grade (Thursday & Friday):  September/October/November: Our focus to start the year will be on note reading. Students will be introduced to the Treble Clef and how to label the lines and spaces on the music staff. We will discuss the pneumonic devices “FACE” for the spaces and “Elephants Get Big Dirty Feet” for the lines. Students will use review sheets and games to reinforce this new knowledge as they prepare for the world of recorders. We will also review time signatures and basic rhythms to round out our preparation for the recorders.

4-6th Grade (4th Wednesday & Friday, 5th Thursday & Friday, 6th Thursday & Friday)September/October/November: Each student will be choosing a musical instrument for the class to take an in depth look into for research. As a class, we will assist with research covering topics of who invented the instrument and specific historical information regarding their chosen instruments. At the end of our research period, those instruments will be transformed into a Google Slide presentation by the student who chose each specific instrument. They will be shared with the class as a final review/project to wrap up our studies.

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