After School Chorus

After School Chorus 2018-2019

Chorus Rehearsal Dates:

January t8, t22, t29

February t5, t14, t26

March t5, th14, t19, t26

April t,4 t9, m22, w24, m29

May w1, m6, w8, m13, w15, m21, w23, w29, th30

May f31st Festival Date





Last years sign up sheet and Code of Conduct are below as a reference of expectations for our Chorus


If you have questions, you can contact me at the school. (860)423-0064 x374,


Greetings from the music room,

We will be starting our after school chorus Wednesday, January 28th. The chorus will be open to all students in 4-6th grade and will meet for one hour after school. The rest of the schedule will be posted on the music page on our school website. Late bus transportation is NOT available this year. You will need a ride home from all rehearsals. A code of conduct must be signed and followed for participation in the chorus. The form is on the back of this sheet. Attendance will be taken, and it is important for students to be at all rehearsals. With our past successes at the Great East Festival, I am excited to be participating again. It is a long yet rewarding day usually requiring a 6:30am start and return at 9:30pm The date for this year is Friday, May 29th. The festival does require a financial obligation for students and chaperones. Last year the cost per person was $100, and the festival prices have not been set this year. The anticipated cost for this year is $100 a person. I will have more information when the group is officially started. The bus holds 54 passengers, and chaperones will be welcome to join us on a first come first serve basis. We have always had room for everyone, and I hope you will join your son/daughter for the trip. Individual profits made from Little Caesars and any fundraisers will be applied directly for your trip. 20 kits will cover one trip. If anyone has additional fundraiser ideas or would like to organize a fundraiser please let me know. The first payment to the festival is due on our third rehearsal, February 11, for both students and chaperones.

Please feel free to contact me at the school with any questions or email me at

Thank you,

Mr. Coporale

PS—Please sign both sides of this form and return ASAP so we know who will be participating in fundraisers. Most likely, Little Caesar’s will be running before rehearsals begin.

Different from last year: This form will serve as both permission for the chorus and the festival.

Name: __________________________ has my permission to join the after school chorus and participate in the Great East Music Festival. I understand the Great East Festival trip does require a fee of $100.

Name: ___________________________ would like to be a chaperone for the Festival.

Phone Number: ____________________

T-Shirt Size: Student:_________________ Chaperone:________________

Parent/Guardian Signature


After School Chorus

Code of Conduct

The after school chorus is an opportunity for students to excel in music performance beyond the regular school day. The group will be performing for the school and the community as well as competing as a representation of our school. There are certain expectations that I feel are essential for the group’s success. The following is a list of agreements in which all students need to understand and comply with as part of this group.

  1. I agree to come to rehearsals on time. I will be in the music room ready to perform by 3:05.
  2. I agree to fulfill my financial obligations and adhere to the deadlines set.
  3. I agree to be prepared by bringing my music to each rehearsal.
  4. I agree that I am responsible for all my actions in the rehearsal, and I will not be a distraction for the group.
  5. I agree and understand that if I am asked to leave a rehearsal, I will only have one more chance before I am asked to no longer participate in the chorus.
  6. I agree to follow all directions given by Mr. Coporale and Mrs. Card.
  7. I agree to achieve my personal best when I represent the school at the Great East Music Festival.
  8. I agree that I will attend every rehearsal, and I will provide a note from home if I am unable to attend. 3 absences will cause my dismissal from the group. I understand we have 22-24 rehearsals to prepare and each one is important.
  9. I agree to follow all school rules while at rehearsals.
  10. I agree that I will have fun and enjoy the music we are performing!   Mr. Coporale           Student Signature                                                      Parent/Guardian Signature  Thank You,This agreement should be signed by students and parents and returned to Mr. C before our first rehearsal.

Anyone that has video of the festival last year, we would love to post it on our site. Just sen me an email with the video, and I should be able to do the rest.

After School Chorus Update

Happy New Year Everyone,

I have a few updates in regards to the Great East Music Festival and our After School Chorus:

  1. The cost of the trip has increased. The following is a cost break down: Festival Fee: $54, Shirt $10, Bus $34, Driver Tip $2, Estimated Meal Cost for 2 vouchers $25 (they were $22 last year). The new total per person will be $125. The meal vouchers are the only cost we have yet to receive.
  2. The first payment equal to half of your total including chaperones will be due February 10 (before rehearsals begin), and the remaining balance will be due April 13. Total for student only $125, Total for 2=$250, Total for 3=$375.
  3. The Pizza Fundraiser forms and money are Due back to school on Wednesday, January 20. The kits are set to arrive on February 2, and students that sold kits will need a ride home from school.
  4. We are currently set to perform at Manchester High School at 8:55am. This is not the same location as last year, but we have performed there in previous years. This will have us leaving the High School around 9:30 and heading to Six Flags.
  5. We will be meeting to leave the park at 7pm for an anticipated arrival at SES around 8:30pm.

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