Band Schedule



5/6th Grade Band Schedule


 Fixed Band Schedule January-June

This schedule does not rotate. Your lesson time is the same for the rest of the year!!!

(Changes by request one week in advance)

Monday 9:55 Katherine, Gabe, Kara

Monday 11:30 Lexus, Tucker

Monday 2:00 Janelle, Jackson, Aleena

Monday/Tuesday 11am  MAKE UP TIME AVAILABLE

Tuesday 11:30 Amelia & Angela

Tuesday 2:00 Joey Ryan

Tuesday 2:30 Cam Spencer

Tuesday 2:45 Jared

Wednesday 8:30 Delaney & Macy

Wednesday 11:30 Jenna & Olivia

Wednesday 12:55 Owen & Becca

Thursday 9:55 Evan & Nick (every other week)

Thursday 11:30 Cam B & Nick (every other week)

5th and 6th also have rehearsal the first Tuesday of every month during study hall and Tuesday open rehearsal will be available starting in April.

4th Grade Students: Ms. Sullivan has your schedule and will remind you when you will need your instrument.


Re: Memorial Day Parade

This is just a reminder of our participation in the Scotland Memorial Day Parade. The parade will take place Sunday, May 28th. I am asking that students arrive at the town green no later than 11:45am. I would like to request that students wear a Scotland shirt or red, white and blue. If they are in baseball, softball, girl scouts/boy scouts, they are permitted to wear those uniforms as well. Hats, Sunglasses and sunscreen would also be a good idea. The ceremony is at 12 and the parade steps-off by 12:20. Students will then travel with the parade ending at the Scotland Cemetery. You may pick up your musician at the end of the parade route. We do return to the town green if you would prefer picking your musician up there. We do not travel up to the cemetery, but you are more than welcome to take your child for the rem3aining ceremonies. We should be finished by 12:45. The official end time is usually around 1:15. Food and soft drinks are typically provided for participants back at the Congregational Church.  I will not be attending that portion of the event. I know this is a busy weekend for most families, but I would appreciate as many students as possible to represent our band to the community.