Health News


Health Education News for Sept. – Dec. 2021

5th and 6th

Our focus in health will be to encourage students to make safe, good choices and build healthy habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle.  We will begin by studying the fitness concepts needed to be physically fit.  We will learn about the activity pyramid and then each student will be asked to self-reflect on their current fitness level per category.  Students will then come up with two fitness goals to work on.  These goals will be worked on in PE and at home.  

Our next topic will be to explore how to maintain personal balance between electrical device time and being physically active. When asked how much time they are on a “device” throughout their day I was shocked at the high amount of minutes/hours that was revealed.  We will also discuss the importance of rest and sleep.  In our discussion groups when asked the question, “Who has trouble getting to sleep?” I was shocked at the number of students that said yes!! 

In Oct. we will be studying the skeletal system and will have some fun “bone awareness” challenges for them.  In late Oct. and Nov. they will be taking the state mandated CT physical fitness test.  Once complete we will be assessing our fitness test results and analyze our strengths and areas that need improvement and make physical fitness goals. 

We then move on to study disease prevention and the proper use of drugs and medicines and their effect on our bodies. We will discuss how the daily choices they make will lead to healthy habits for the rest of their lives. 

3rd grade & 4th grade

Students in these grades will begin the year studying the importance of being physically active.  They will explore what the physical activity pyramid is and learn the fitness categories of aerobic exercise (running endurance), anaerobic exercise (flexibility and strength) and examine how inactivity can lead to obesity in their older life.  We will also be discussing how to balance the use of electronic devices and keeping their bodies fit.  As they devise their personal physical activity pyramid it will give us an opportunity to evaluate their own level of physical activity and reflect on areas they may want to increase or decrease to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

In Oct. both grades will take a break from making their pyramids to do a brief unit on the skeletal system and have some bone fun.  After this unit third grade will begin studying disease and personal hygiene habits to prevent illness and disease.  Fourth grade will take time to review personal results after taking the state mandated fitness test and will devise physical fitness goals.   They will then begin studying disease and illnesses.  In December both grades will learn about how medicine and drugs affect our bodies and how to use them safely.

1st & 2nd grade

In Sept. students in these grades will be learning about their bodies and how their senses work.  They will be offered multisensory opportunities to explore how the sensory system works and why these systems are important in our daily lives.  In Oct. we will be studying the skeletal system and learn what bones are and what their function is and how to keep them safe.   We will have some fun drawing our bodies as skeletons.  In Nov. & Dec. we will be studying disease and the importance of handwashing and how the mask they are wearing covers their sneezes/coughs to prevent spreading disease.  We will conclude the month with the importance of physical activity and how it can help with stress management and improve their physical fitness.                                                                                                                  

Kindergarten & Preschool

The youngest students in our schools will begin the school year learning about themselves.  We will study body parts and our senses. The children will participate in activities to bring awareness of their function such as wearing blind folds to feel items and guess what they are.  As well as smelling spices and extracts to see if we like them.  We will also learn to categorize between soft and rough, small and big, hot and cold and to identify shapes and colors. 

In October we will study the skeletal system, its function and explore X-rays of bones.  We will discuss what other creatures have bones and look at their skeletal systems.  In Nov. we move on to study germs and disease and the importance of hand washing and wearing their mask to avoid getting sick.  In December we discuss how medicines and drugs, when used safely, can help our bodies when we are ill. 


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