Health News


Health News for April – June 2017

In April all grades will be concluding their study of nutrition.  For grades Preschool – 3rd they have been reviewing food groups and learning what types of foods should be included when making a healthy meal.  Students will practice these skills by shopping for healthy foods then preparing and cooking their meal.

Grades 4 – 6 will focus on how to make healthy food choices and to understand the concept of portion control for their snacks and meals.  They will learn how to read food labels and will understand the food terms carbohydrate, protein and fats.  Students will explore menus from local fast food restaurants and evaluate how healthy their choice was.

One of sixth grade’s projects is to learn about the school lunch program and the strict rules that need to be followed when making a school menu.  Following the state rules and guidelines they have come up with 3 unique lunch menu’s which should be on the school lunch menu soon.

In May classes will learn about the effects tobacco, drugs and medicines have on their bodies.  Students will learn refusal skills and healthy ways to relieve stress in their life.   We end the month learning about safety as they prepare to have a fun and active summer.  We will cover water safety, bike safety and stranger danger.


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