Health News



Health News January – March 2019

Grades 3 – 6

Students will begin the New Year studying disease. They will learn the difference between communicable and non-communicable diseases.  We will discuss the implications per disease and when it is appropriate to see your doctor.  The topic of safety with medicine and drugs will be addressed and why we might need to take medicine to help us get well.  The health room will be converted to the “Scotland Wellness Center” where students will explore the roles of a doctor or nurse and will interview and be responsible for the care of their patient.  This will include diagnosing the illness and then recommending appropriate care for becoming well again.

In February, students will study the effect advertising has on the promotion of health products.  Their assignment will be to make a poster to promote the product they invented or a health product already on the market.

In March we will begin our unit about Nutrition.   These grades will be studying food groups, the food pyramid and how to make healthy choices for snacks and meals.  All grades will learn how to read a nutrition label, they will analyze a menu from a fast food restaurant and see how their food choices rate on the healthy meter and hopefully open their eyes to healthier choices they can make while eating out.  We will also be conducting an experiment to measure how much sugar and salt are in prepackaged foods and the effect some of these products have on their health.




Preschool – 2nd grade

Students will begin the school year continuing to study how disease affects their health.   Soon the health room will be converted into the Scotland Wellness Center where students will become a doctor or nurse and evaluate their patients. Their role will be to measure height and weight and then interview patients to diagnosis illnesses and recommending a care plan.  Hopefully this activity will help them with any anxiety they have when having their own doctor’s visits.

Our next unit will be how to keep our hair, skin and teeth well cared for.  Students will be invited to participate in a tooth brushing program where the tooth fairy will reward good brusher/flossers with a prize pack once completing their bi-weekly chart.

In mid-February to March we will be studying the importance of eating healthy foods and nutrition.  Students will explore foods in all the different food groups and how to use the food pyramid and the My Plate programs to categorize the food groups.  In grades 1 – 2 we will finalize this unit with the completion of a Food Poster and participate in grocery shopping and cooking their meal in the pretend kitchen.












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