Health News

Health News for April – June 2022

In grades 4 – 6 will start April off by finishing our unit on nutrition. The focus is to learn how to make healthy food choices and to understand the concept of portion control.  They will learn how to read food labels and will understand the food terms carbohydrate, protein and fats.  Students will explore menus from local fast food restaurants and choose items they typically purchase.  They will then evaluate how healthy their choices were.  

Once this unit is done we move on to learn about the effect drugs, alcohol and tobacco have on our life.  Students will learn refusal skills and practice them by completing some mini plays.  We end the year studying bicycle, water, boating and weather safety.

For grades Preschool – 3rd we have just begun our study of food and nutrition.  We are learning about the different food groups and learning what types of foods should be included when making a healthy meal.  Students will practice these skills by shopping for healthy foods then preparing and cooking their meal in a pretend kitchen. 

These grades will conclude the year by learning about safety. Some of our topics will include:  safety in the water while swimming, boat safety, safety while riding bicycles and scooters, being safe during inclement weather and stranger danger (in person and on the internet).


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