Health News

Health News for April – June 2019

Currently all grades are studying how drugs, alcohol and tobacco effect their bodies, in particular their brain development.  The point of emphasis is that drugs change the way our bodies and brain work.  We also discuss how when these substances are abused it can lead to addictive behavior. In this unit we also discuss the beneficial use medicine has when we are ill and the safety concerns associated with them.

The next unit to be taught will be nutrition and how to choose healthy food choices for snacks and meals.  Grades preschool through third will learn about the different food groups and what types of foods/drinks should be included when making a healthy meal. Students will practice these skills by shopping for healthy foods then preparing and cooking their meal.

Grades fourth through sixth will also learn about making good choices for meals and discuss the importance of the concept of portion control.  They will learn how to read food labels and understand the food terms carbohydrate, protein and fats.  Students will explore menus from local fast food restaurants and choose items they typically purchase.  They will then evaluate how healthy their choice was.

We will end the year by learning about safety. Some of our topics will include:  safety in the water while swimming, boat safety, safety while riding bicycles and scooters, being safe during inclement weather and stranger danger (in person and on the internet).











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