P.E. News

PE News for January – March 2020

Grades 3 – 6

In January we will be learning all about the sport of football as we prepare for football Friday which is, Friday, Jan. 31st.  Students will learn the skills of throwing, catching, punting and how to run with a football.  They will learn to play a variety of games and activities to promote their skills.  Grades 5 and 6 will learn how to play flag football.

After football our next sport will be to learn the basic skills and concepts of volleyball.  Students will participate in a variety of lead up games to practice basic game concepts and foster their new skills.

In March, our next sport will be baseball/softball.   Also in March we will be participating in Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart.  This year we will celebrate with a heart healthy week of fun.  More information will come out in February.

Preschool – 2nd grade

Students in these grades will be working on improving their ball skills and will explore activities using a variety of types of balls.  Students will learn how to throw, catch, kick and run holding a football in preparation for football Friday Jan. 31st.  There will be many fun activities planned for that day.  Other fun ball activities they will participate in will be bowling, using a bat to hit off a tee, playing messy backyard, basic soccer ball dribbling and throwing at targets.

As always we will continue to work on body coordination and strength exercises and will learn a variety of fitness and cooperative games.  You may hear about some of these games:  Stuck in the Mud, Toilet Tag, Rock, Paper, Scissors – Go, Messy Backyard, Leprechaun Tag to name a few.

In March we will begin to learn how to use jump ropes and the many fun activities that they can do with them.  They will be learning the basic jump rope skills and also participate in activities like ski jumping the rope, jump over the snake and cross the river.  We will celebrate our healthy hearts by participating in the jump rope for heart with a week long quest of learning heart healthy games and exercises.




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