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PE News Sept. – Dec. 2019

4th , 5th & 6th grade

Students in grades 4 – 6 have been busy getting “fit” in physical education class.  We are preparing for the CT State mandated physical fitness assessment. To view the test administration manual go to www.ct.gov/sde/physicaleducation, which includes videos of how to perform each test item, provides the test item audio cadences as well as the state standards for health related fitness zones.  The formal assessment will occur in mid-November into Dec.  The four test items are:  curl-ups to measure abdominal strength, push-ups to measure shoulder strength, the sit and reach to measure muscle flexibility and the 20 meter Pacer to measure cardiovascular endurance.  After completion of the test our next step is to look at our results and make an action plan to improve their fitness levels.  Practicing the test items at home will help your child master this test.  In PE class we will be doing a variety of exercises to help improve muscle strength and will also be jogging to improve running endurance.  Sports that will be introduced will include speedball, soccer, volleyball and basketball.

2nd & 3rd grade

Students in 2nd and 3rd grades will have their locomotor and gross motor skills evaluated as well as a basic fitness assessment.  We will be emphasizing endurance running to music of which they will be using stopwatches to time themselves.  We will also work on core (abdominal and back) strength and flexibility.  Students will learn 6 different strength exercises that they will perform anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.  PE skills to be introduced will be scooter play, ball skills of kicking, catching and throwing, balance, tumbling skills, parachute play and will learn a variety of cooperative games.

1st grade & Kindergarten

Students in these grades start each class with a gross motor warm up where children learn to move their bodies at low, medium and high levels at different speeds as we travel as animals, birds and insects.  In conjunction with Mr. Coporale’s music class they will be learning music tempo terms and how they translate into the speed of movement as they travel in the gym?  Ask them about moving Largo, Lento, Andante, Moderato, Allegro and Presto? They should know what types of animals or insects travel at those speeds.  Have them imitate them for you.  We will also be working on scarf juggling skills to facilitate upper body coordination, hand use by “making them disappear” and “reappear” and learning concepts of above, below and behind as they hide their scarves.  Students also use these scarves to “fly a kite” and fly like a butterfly.  Bean bags will be used to help them identify body parts and teach beginning throwing at targets. We do many activities on mats such as beginning tumbling and acting like animals.  They will be exploring many pieces of equipment and how to use them safely as well as learning to play low level games together.  More importantly we are learning the rules of our school and how to successfully play with others.


Given this class is the youngest and the smallest of our school we will start slowly to introduce them to the many joys of movement to music, using a variety of types of PE equipment, how to socialize and follow rules in class.  We will focus on gross motor and locomotor skill development as well as learning to play together.  Successful experiences and positive interactions is the goal as they learn to love coming to school!!


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