Computers (Mrs. Lowney)




April 2017

The past few months students have been busy integrating technology skills with grade level curriculum areas. Our fourth graders have been using their research skills, exploring both online and print sources, to complete a project using Google slides and working in groups to study regions of the United States.  Along with learning about the technology that Google has to offer us, we are also learning about digital citizenship and ethical use of this resource. With the Google Suite, students are working in “virtual” collaborative groups to research and prepare a presentation about their assigned region. They will also learn how to create and embed an introduction to their slide presentation using green screen technology to simulate being “on location” in their region. You can ask your child to show you how their work is progressing. They should be able to log in to their account wherever they have internet access.

Grade 2 students are researching plants. They will make a recording of their information with an illustration to display their information. This will be on Grade 2’s website.

Students in Grade 3 have various projects on their website. They created a Chatterpix of a talking animal to explain their animal’s special features and adaptation. Some third graders also created an advertisement to sell their independent reading book. Using the green screen technology they were able to “sell” their book to encourage other students to read.

Students in Grade 6 have been studying the Revolutionary War. They created a Google Tour using Google Maps. They chose 10-15 places that were important to this event. Students were guided through the research, note taking, informational writing, speaking and presenting of their information.

Grade 5 students have been researching a country of their choice. Each child created their own website through Google Sites. Students researched the location, culture, food, history and attractions of their country.  Lessons with students included developing students’ understanding the need to evaluate information on the Internet for credibility and how to take notes to avoid plagiarism.

It has been a very busy and fun year using all our technology resources in meaningful ways!  I am looking forward to another exciting and productive year working with our students!


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