Computers (Mrs. Lowney)


I would like to take a moment to introduce myself as the new technology teacher at Scotland Elementary School. I am enthusiastic as I embark on this new challenge and, after completing my first few weeks of school, I realize how fortunate I am to be part of an institution that embraces education with such passion and dedication. I am eager to begin the work ahead and be at my best as your children deserve nothing less. My goals will always be to meet your children, recognize their strengths and needs, and develop a plan to help them grow academically. In addition, I will always be focused on helping your children gain confidence and an understanding of themselves as independent learners.

I will partner with teachers to create engaging relevant lessons with the students. I will introduce and model new technologies and strategies for finding, assessing, and using information to both teachers and students. I have an ability to connect with students and motivate them to accomplish their goals. I seek to foster an enthusiasm for learning and to create lifelong learners in all of our students! I look forward to working with your children as I become a part of The Scotland School family.

2015-10-20 09.02.34

Mrs. Joanne Lowney, our new certified Technology teacher, working with sixth graders with our new Chrome Books.  The sixth graders are working on an Animoto project- an animated slide presentation on Ancient Egypt2015-10-20 09.04.222015-10-20 09.02.55.

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