Art Department

Pre-K: Preschoolers are working on learning their colors and shapes. They are also beginning to learn about some of the processes of art, and experimenting with various materials. Their first project was a robot collage made out of different shapes and colors of paper. After listening to the book “Robots, robots, Everywhere”, they glued colorful pieces of paper onto a black background to create their very own “robot”.

Kindergarten: Kindergartners are working on a bat collage. After listening to a non-fiction book about bats, they began creating a night time collage of primary colored bats. When this project continues, they’ll be adding details to their collage with black crayons.

First Grade: First Graders are working on a colorful drawing of a school based on “School’s First Day of School”. After listening to the story, they drew their own school, based on the book. Then they colored in the drawing, using crayons, and cut the school out from the background. The final step was to add a folded “accordion” to the back of the school to make it pop out.

Second Grade: Second Graders created the same project as the First Graders. Their greater abilities allowed them to add more details to their work while working more independently.

Third Grade: Third Graders have been working on a self-portrait of themselves wearing a pair of flashy sunglasses. After listening to the story “The Day You Begin”, they got right to work making sunglasses. Reflected in the lenses are colorful ‘memories’ of their summer experiences. After cutting out the glasses, they glued them onto a background, and drew in their own details, including hair color and clothing.

Forth Grade: Forth Graders also listened to the story “The Day You Begin”. Then they created a self portrait of themselves on the left side of the paper. On the right side, they drew curving lines – on these lines they wrote their own character traits. Now they are working on painting their portraits using watercolors.

Fifth Grade: Our Fifth Graders have also been working on a self portrait with sunglasses. They listened to “The Day You Begin”, drew their sunglasses, and will be finishing up their portraits using colored pencils.

Sixth Grade: Sixth Grade also listened to “The Day You Begin”. Then they drew their self-portraits and character traits. They will be finishing up their drawings by coloring them in with watercolors.

Pre-K: Last week the Pre-K worked on mixing two colors to make a third color. Then they added a new color to see what happened. Today the Pre-K made a beautiful marbled paper using shaving cream and liquid watercolor. Beautiful!

Kinders: Last week the Kinders finished their pop out school project based on the book “School’s First Day of School.” Today they experimented with shaving cream and liquid watercolor to make a beautiful printed paper. They followed up with dot markers, using the markers to create interesting designs on their new paper.

First: After listening to the book “The Color Monster”, they created their own color monster with scraps of colorful paper and crayons. They used the letters C (calm = green), S (blue = sadness), A (red = angry), H (happiness = yellow), and F (fear = gray) to explore their feelings and what colors represent those feelings.

Second: Second graders have been working on the art elements of line, pattern, and symmetry to create a cute beetle. After drawing their beetle, they used patterns to decorate it, then colored it with markers.

Third: Last week third graders worked on a printing project that used the initial of their first name. They used found objects to print two different pieces of paper with different patterns. After cutting out their initial, they glued it to the background paper and used chalk pastel to shade it so it would “pop”.

Fourth: Fourth graders also created artwork from their first initial. This week they’re working on their own “graffiti tag”, using bubble letters and neon crayons. They created a “brick wall” using a sponge stamping technique then glues their cut out name onto the “wall”.T

Fifth: Fifth graders are also working on their “graffiti tags”. Currently, they’re working on coloring their names, and will soon be finishing their projects.

Sixth: Sixth Graders have just finished up their first initial artwork. They did a spectacular job on this project! Next they’ll be beginning their “graffiti tags”. 


We’ve been working on lots of projects for the month of October!

Kindergarten – We’ve worked on pumpkins that students drew and cut out, using painted paper for the background. We’ve also worked on watercolor paintings of birds, and studied color through the work of Victor Vasarely.

First Grade – We’ve also done fun pumpkins in first grade. We also worked on patterned elephants with crayon and watercolor, and color collages.

Second Grade – We’ve done a fun scarecrow craft, where students built their own paper scarecrows. Our most recent project was a watercolor dancing cow – what fun!

Third Grade – Students have created their own graffiti tag of their first name, Black Halloween cats, and are now working on a color project inspired by Alma Thomas.

Fourth Grade – The fourth graders have completed a Grumpy Monkey project, based on the book of the same name. They’ve also finished a project focusing on warm and cool colors based on the work of Frank Stella.

Fifth Grade – This class has also completed a Graffiti Tag, a Grumpy Monkey project, and a Frank Stella inspired project. They’ll soon be starting a Folk Art inspired landscape using warm or cool colors.

Sixth Grade – Sixth Graders have completed a leaf observation drawing that was accented with black glitter glue, and painted with watercolors. They’ve also finished their 3 D cardboard animals, and will be starting a tri-fold landscape next week.


Kindergarten – In November, the Kindergarteners listened to the story “The King of Kindergarten” then worked on a self-portrait based on the story. Their next project was a Polar Bear set against a colorful watercolor background. Just in time for Thanksgiving, they made a cute turkey collage with color wheel feathers. After that, they worked on a watercolor/crayon painting inspired by the book “Little Owl”. Their final project before Thanksgiving break was a cute penguin whose pieces they cut out and assembled. This project remains unfinished, but we’ll be making the background when school reopens.

First Grade – First Graders began the month with a study of modern artist Victor Vasarely. They created a collage using circles and squares that were arranged on colors that focused on contrast. Their next project began with a study of Incan art. Students then created an Incan rug collage complete with tassels. After they completed their rugs, the First Graders made a collage of a colorful Christmas Train, loaded with trees.

Second Graders – Second Graders first project of the month was a watercolor of a dancing cow. Their next project was a folk art dinosaur created entirely with crayons. One class was missed due to Veteran’s Day, and another was missed due to the half day before Thanksgiving.

Third Graders – The first project of November for the Third Graders was an abstract work inspired by the work of African American artist Alma Thomas. Students began with a shape and used primary, secondary, or analogous colors to complete their work. Their next project was a watercolor scarecrow, complete with overalls. Before the break, they were investigating the concept of radial symmetry, and using it to create an arrangement of radially symmetrical flowers. They will finish this project when they return in January.

Fourth Grade – Fourth Graders began with an abstract creation in colorful markers, inspired by the work of Frank Stella. Their next project was a folk landscape in watercolor, with the focus on line and pattern. Next, they worked on a Thanksgiving cornucopia, in crayon and watercolor. Before break, we had just begun our beautiful 3D poinsettias which we will finish when we return to school.

Fifth Grade – Firth graders began November with a study of the art of Frank Stella. Their next projects was a trifold, where they created layers of a landscape. They will finish this project when we return to school.

Sixth Grade – The first project of the month for Sixth Grade was the continuation of a cut out cardboard animal of their choice. They followed that with the tri fold landscape, which they will finish upon our return to school


Pre – K – Pre-K began with a power outage! They were able to complete 3 projects during remote learning: a study of lines and shapes followed by the creation of “not a box” (start with a box, and then make it something else). They also made a Christmas tree from triangles, and finally they created a snowman from circles. These cuties know their shapes!

Kindergarten – Kindergarteners finished four projects – an adorable snowman, symmetrical Christmas mittens, a colorful Christmas stocking, and a candy cane tied with a bow.

First Grade – First Graders completed four projects. They began with a penguin, followed by a snowman, mittens, and a Christmas polar bear, all completed in crayon!

Second Grade – Second Graders completed only two projects due to a snow day and the beginning of our winter holiday. They began with a cute drawing of a red panda wearing sunglasses and a Santa hat. The focus here was on the elements of line and texture. They followed that with a beautiful Christmas tree, focusing on line, shape, and form.

Third Grade – Third Graders also completed only two projects due to a snow day and our holiday. First they drew an old fashioned red pickup truck. The background painting for our truck will be completed when we return to school. Then they completed a cute drawing of an elf – all in crayon. Our focus for these lessons was line and form. These kiddos are really grasping the concept of making a flat 2D object look three dimensional!

Fourth Grade – The Fourth Graders were able to complete four projects. They began with a colorful red cardinal in a winter tree. Next they created the traditional Nutcracker. We’ll finish the background for our Nutcracker when we return to school. Next they drew and colored beautiful Christmas Bells accented by holly leaves. The final project was The Grinch. The focus was on form, making flat objects look 3 dimensional.

Fifth Grade – Fifth Grades also completed the same four projects as the Fourth Graders, continuing their focus on form.

Sixth Grade – Sixth Graders were able to complete three projects, as school ended early on the Wednesday before Christmas. They began with the little red pickup truck (background to be finished when we return). Next they drew and colored the Nutcracker, with the background to be completed when we return. Their last project was a cow wearing sunglasses and a Santa hat. Sixth graders were also focusing on line and form.