If your son/daughter has a specific interest (animals, trucks, or a certain profession like a doctor or firefighter) , find lots of books on that topic. Children love to read about things that they are interested in!

Always look at the pictures of a book. Try to predict what will happen in the story based on the pictures, the title and the summary on the back cover of the book.

Take turns reading with your son/daughter. You can read a page and then he/she reads a page. It won’t seem like work for them if you are helping!

Remember that reading is NOT limited to just books. Cereal boxes, the comics, menus, recipes (that helps with math, too!) and game directions all involve reading!

Tell your children about the books you read while growing up. Tell them about your favorite author. Do you have a favorite author now? My family usually worries when Danielle Steel, John Grisham or Nicholas Sparks comes out with another new book. They know that I will be busy reading!!