Mrs. Tucker

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Tucker, although most people call me “Liz”.

I am so happy and excited about my new position here at Scotland Elementary School! I have been a special education teacher for many years. I have taught in other local school districts. They include: Ashford, Hebron and Coventry.

My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this past summer. We have 2 children. Our son is 22 and our daughter is 18. I think that actually qualifies them as young adults not children.

Our family traveled to California in late June for a family wedding. The wedding took place about 2 hours north of San Francisco. We also visited southern California. While in Los Angeles, the four of us attended a taping of the game show “Let’s Make a Deal”. Even though we weren’t chosen as contestants, we had a lot of fun cheering for those who were chosen. We witnessed 3 people win new cars! It was really cool watching how things are done behind the scenes.

Though I know I am outnumbered, I will be honest here and admit that I am indeed a fan of the New York Yankees. It might have to do with the fact that I grew up in Hamden which is south of the mysterious line that divides the state of Connecticut into 2 sets of baseball fans. My dedication to the Yankees also has to do with the fact that my dad met Lou Gehrig. When my dad was a kid he got to meet Gehrig at a benefit baseball game in New Haven.

Besides cheering for the Yankees, I love to read, I love to watch hot air balloons, and I love any song by Neil Diamond.

I am really looking forward to this coming school year!