Welcome to Speech and Language!

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Dear Parents and Community Members,

Speech and Language Services are provided at Scotland Elementary School for grades Pre-K to 6.  Services are provided in the areas of speech, language, fluency, and voice usage.  Students are identified for services under regular education and special education through a team process.  Parent participation during therapy sessions is encouraged.  Homework is periodically assigned, with parent support, to practice and reinforce skills being taught.

Parents often ask questions regarding their child’s speech and language development.  Here is a list of several websites to help you understand communication and communication disorders.

  1. The American Speech and Hearing Association [ASHA] has a public information section:  www.asha.org
  2.  The following medical website provides speech and language development information under ‘Children’s Health’:  www.webmd.com
  3. Connecticut’s Birth-To-Three System has a website, which provides information about referrals and eligibility, as well as contact information for area providers: www.birth23.org
  4. The Stuttering Foundation of America has a website that offers parents information on how to help a child who evidences dysfluencies in their speech: www.StutteringHelp.org
  5. CT’s State Department of Education’s website offers information on the latest news in education, including information on the Common Core State Standards and student assessment: www.sde.ct.gov

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