Physical Therapy

Mrs. Valerie Taff

2016-02-24 09.55.29

Welcome to  Physical Therapy! 

Hello, I am Valerie Taff, MA,PT, Scotland Elementary School’s physical therapist. I support the gross motor, sensorimotor, mobility, and positioning needs of students. I help ensure that students have the mobility and motor skills they need in order to access their education program.
 As a physical therapist for many years, I have vast experience working with children of all ages and with adults who have developmental and cognitive challenges.
 Specific student services may include:
Screening and assessment of individual motor skills
Direct and consultative services to address functional motor skills within the educational environment
Inclusive and collaborative services within physical education classes in association with Ms. Schenck, PE teacher
Mobility, transitional skills and transfer techniques for students with physical disabilities
Wheelchair and adaptive equipment evaluation
Consultation and training for educational staff and parents/guardians
My goal is to help all students develop age appropriate motor skills for full inclusion in all grade level motor activities, especially physical education.
You can contact me on Wednesdays when I am here in Scotland. Email is and the phone number is 860-423-0064 ext.323.




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