Friends of SES Agenda/Minutes

Friends of SES meeting agenda


Scotland Public Library 930 am

  1. Call to order & attendance:
  2. Financials: Report and status update

Friends of SES (Friends) currently has $5191.38 in their account.
Carried from previous meeting for review and update: A rundown of the profits and losses is creating confusion on where money comes in and how it goes out. A meeting to discuss with Mrs. P. and Alison is requested to discuss these funds and determine how we would like funds to be delineated in the future. (Possibly change account to indicate 2 separate accounts: 1) Friends of SES funds 2) Whole school activity fund) Would like to see 3 years of P&L to review. (Debbie will connect with Alison to put this P&L together)

  1. Fundraising:

Update on previously discussed potential fundraisers:

Pasta Dinner & Corn Hole Tournament (raffle off corn hole boards at the end of the tournament)

Auto Zone carwash

Fedco seed sales

Applebees Breakfast (must plan far in advance-next year?)

Round-Up (local businesses ask people to round up the change on purchases to benefit SES)

Amazon Smile

Discount card for local businesses

Movie night- April time frame (Chorus fundraiser TBD March)

Community Tag Sale (potential dates May 9, rain date May 16)

Carry forward discussion from previous meeting:           As other PTO/PTA groups work to assist internal school groups in their fundraising efforts, we discussed holding one big fundraiser each year to benefit the 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes. Monies raised would go to benefit those students who work the fundraiser, and has the added benefit of assisting these classes in their fundraising efforts for 3 years, once fully implemented.

  1. Expenses: updates/additions

Running list:               $5 per student coupon for the BOGO book fair    up to $550
all school assembly                                                   ($995 or $1095)

  1. Upcoming Events & Dates:

Wednesday March 4 Teacher Dinner Needs

Facebook, email and flyer advertise to parents/community members for help and coordinate donations and assistance through these mediums

Setup: arrive about 15 minutes before dinner and ensure food is warmed, setup and ready and all items have been placed for use

Make a dish: clearly label any items that belong to you

Bring a drink

Paper products: paper plates, cups, bowls, plasticware, napkins

Cleanup: arrive after dinner is over, empty food out of containers or seal packages or serving containers with remaining food, clean all dishes, put away items belonging to teachers lounge. Clean table off and leave labeled items for pickup back on the table

            Wednesday and Thursday March 4 & 5 Conferences:

Setup a Friends Table to share information including:  Volunteers??

Flyer with upcoming meeting dates and events for the next month

Book swap?

Signup sheet

            Parent Education Series:

Special Education Presentation: Attorney Courtney Spencer, Special Education Law Specialty. Offers a presentation for parents and community members to help them understand the roles and responsibilities, proper protocols and what their options are related to advocating for the special educational assistance their children are in need of? Good content and then question and answer. No charge for this presentation.

Determine dates we would be interested in hosting and she will work to accommodate one of the dates and times. She recommends an hour and ½.

  1. Homework: carried from previous meeting- update:
    1) Each person put together what they believe the Friends of SES should represent and be looking to accomplish in each of these areas, and have ready for our next meeting on
    February 22:

-Mission Statement


-Goals for Fundraising (What are we raising money for?)

2) Discuss financials with Mrs. P. and Alison to determine if there is a better method of delineating Friends of SES funds from All School Funds (Review 3 years of financials)

3) Follow up on fundraiser ideas:

Wendy:     Talk with Jenna about Fedco seed sales

Brynn:      Look into Amazon Smile

Michelle:   Talk to Barbara at Scotland Spirits about Round-Up

Check with school about making corn hole boards

Selene:      Check with Art Dept at PH to see about art work on boards

Debbie:     Financial statements (3 years) talk to Alison

  1. Reminder of next meeting dates at Scotland Public Library 930 am:

                        March 14 & 28

                        April 11 & 25

                        May 9 & 30

  1. Adjournment