LetterSNAP Pandemic Pamphlet

PRESCHOOL SCREENING: Preschool Screening ad 2020

Child Nutrition Update

Please be advised that menus are subject to change without notice. However, we will communicate any changes whenever possible. Driver and food and supply shortages are nationwide, and our districts are no exception. We are experiencing shortages, quality, and consistency issues, last-minute replacements, late or delayed deliveries, or no delivery at all.  Along with having to contend with an extremely broken supply chain, we are operating with severe staffing constraints in many of our kitchens. Though we are actively hiring, many are brand new to child nutrition and need training, which is difficult when short-staffed.

Though we are all eager to return to pre-covid operations, unfortunately, this is our current reality, making kindness and positivity even more valuable than ever. Please know that we are doing the best we can under the circumstances and remain grateful to provide meals safely to our students every day. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as we continue to navigate our way through these uncertain times.

With appreciation, Heather



Click to access sema4_covid_factsheet_011521-1.pdf


Click to access sema4_covid_testing_qv_august-sept_082721.pdf

Click to access sema4_covid_testform_winsurance_051321_v2.pdf


Yearbook Information:

Bus camera letter – Notice regarding security cameras on busses

Public_Release 14-15-Public Release-CT State Dept. of Education Child Nutrition Programs – Scotland School

Family_App 13-14-Child Nutrition Programs’ Application for Free or Reduced Price Meals

Letter_Meals_Snacks 13-14-Parent Guardian Letter to Households for School Meals and Snacks


Sex Offender Alert:


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