For the Month of April, we are collecting items for the troops. Specifically, SSG Jason Morelli’s platoon, (Mrs. Morelli’s son) currently stationed on a small fob in Afghanistan where there aren’t many amenities. There is a basket in the front office, or, after April, you can send your own box.  You can NOT send it addressed to:
Any Soldier.  If you want it to go to the Platoon, please underline the word Platoon on the box. Below is a list of suggestions of items they would like:

army-list-of-items 4-26-19

Thank You!!

Yearbook Information:

Bus camera letter – Notice regarding security cameras on busses

Public_Release 14-15-Public Release-CT State Dept. of Education Child Nutrition Programs – Scotland School

Family_App 13-14-Child Nutrition Programs’ Application for Free or Reduced Price Meals

Letter_Meals_Snacks 13-14-Parent Guardian Letter to Households for School Meals and Snacks

Teacher of the Year 2019 Form  – Please feel free to submit your nomination

Sex Offender Alert:

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