Yearbooks are currently on sale.

You don’t want to miss out on preserving your 2018-2019 memories of all the activities at SES.  There are pictures of just about every activity and each student usually has at least a few pictures throughout the book.

 After February first, the price goes up to $20.00 until the submission date of April 12th.  After that no more orders will be taken.

Envelopes  can be found in the office or ask Mrs. Morelli.  Six graders and staff can pay the $17.00 until submission date.

Mrs. Jennifer Morelli

A Little About Me:

I started working at Scotland Elementary School in January of 1999.  I had been working as the Computer Technology Aide since 2002, but going forward, I will now be an Aide in the 5th grade. I am also responsible for keeping our school website up to date, I’m the official school photographer, and I’m also the yearbook adviser.

I have an Associates Degree in Secretarial Science from Katharine Gibbs School and I also have my Bachelor’s degree in English and Elementary Education from Dowling College.  I grew up and spent most of my life on Long Island in New York.  I moved to Connecticut as a single mom of two boys in the late ’90’s. I think Connecticut is a fabulous state to live in!

Although some of the students think I actually sleep here, I have a busy home life. I enjoy the outdoors, gardening, doing artsy projects and I enjoy taking care of my horse, Cody, my donkey, Dusty and my goat, Adonis.  We also spend a lot of time going to different parks and hiking with our two Golden Retrievers, Grady and Finn.


2015-08-15 14.17.54.jpg


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