Mrs. Jennifer Morelli

A Little About Me:

I started working at Scotland Elementary School in January of 1999.  I had been working as the Computer Technology Aide since 2002, but going forward, I will now be an Aide in the 5th grade. I am also responsible for keeping our school website up to date, I’m the official school photographer, and I’m also the yearbook adviser.

I have an Associates Degree in Secretarial Science from Katharine Gibbs School and I also have my Bachelor’s degree in English and Elementary Education from Dowling College.  I grew up and spent most of my life on Long Island in New York.  I moved to Connecticut as a single mom of two boys in the late ’90’s. I think Connecticut is a fabulous state to live in!

Although some of the students think I actually sleep here, I have a busy home life. I enjoy the outdoors, gardening, doing artsy projects and I enjoy taking care of my horse, Cody, my donkey, Dusty and my goat, Adonis.  We also spend a lot of time going to different parks and hiking with our two Golden Retrievers, Grady and Finn.

2015-08-15 14.17.54.jpg


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