PreK-3/4 News

May 5, 2023

Good afternoon preschool families.  We are continuing our study of life cycles as we learn about seeds and how they grow.  The group sorted seeds while playing an online game  through our Scholastic magazine.  When it was done, it was fun to see what grew in the pots.  There were corn, beans, grass and sunflowers!  We also watched a video that gave several more examples of things that grow from seeds.  Most of the children were quite surprised to learn that we can even eat seeds like coconut, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.  Together we read the book, “A Tiny Seed,” by Eric Carle.  In this story, we follow the life cycle of several seeds that are blown off of a flower.  Finally at the end of the story, the tiniest seed grows into a giant flower.  Another story that showed a flower’s life cycle was, “The Sunflower House.”  After reading these stories children decorated a flower to add to our bulletin board theme: “April Showers Bring May Flowers.”  The class also tasted a few different kinds of seeds!  We graphed our results and discovered that pumpkin was our favorite!  One student would not try any of the seeds but everyone else was brave!  

Our letter of the week was Y.  The kids sorted uppercase and lowercase letter Y.  We also sorted objects that either started with the /w/ or /y/ sound.  This was a little tricky but the children worked together and helped each other out to get the job done!  We read a little book called Yummy Snack  that has a lot of words with the letter Y.  As I read the story, the children listened for the /y/ sound and made the letter Y in sign language.  Afterwards children cut and sorted pictures according to whether they had the /y/ sound or not.  Finally, everyone practiced writing the letter. This was done 2 ways, first using the special Handwriting Without Tears chalkboards and second on the accompanying worksheet.  One more letter to go and we will have completed all of the letters of the alphabet!  

Please remember our mornings have still been chilly and we do go outside, so please still send your child to school with a coat.  Additionally, several kiddos have not been bringing water bottles to school and have not had a drink at snack time.  Please make sure that your child brings something to drink to school.  

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Mrs. Sweat