Rev. 2/12/14

Roles and Responsibilities of the Hampton/Scotland School Readiness Coordinator in the Administration, Coordination and Evaluation of the School Readiness Program

The designated person(s) responsible for coordination, program evaluation and administration and who acts as liaison between the local or regional School Readiness Council and subcommittees and the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood shall:

Maintain ongoing communication between the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood, the local or regional School Readiness Council, the Mayor (or designee) the Superintendent (or designee) and the sub-grantees.


  • Staff the School Readiness      Council and be responsible for:
  • Meeting minutes
  • Creating meeting agenda
  • Completing reports – unmet needs, utilization, fiscal, school readiness monthly reports, annual Quality Enhancement report and Connecticut School Readiness Preschool Program Evaluation System (C.S.R.P.P.E.S.)
  • Maintaining Council membership
  • Communicating legislative requirements of the School Readiness grant
  • Providing resources to and guiding, reviewing and updating policy and procedure development with the Council and subcommittees, as needed
  • Author the Community School Readiness and Quality Enhancement grants
  • Coordinate the development of the Letters of Agreement
  • Organize the grant application review of proposals and submit program allocation recommendations to the School Readiness Council for approval
  • Manage the delivery of the award letter to the city for the local acceptance and approval process
  • Provide Technical Assistance to individual programs applying for School Readiness funds
  • Work with the local fiscal agent to insure the proper expenditure of School Readiness funds
  • Develop contracts with School Readiness sub-grantees
  • Share information and best practices
  • Review and clarify policies and regulations
  • Disseminate information
  • Assess needs and set priorities
  • Problem solve
  • Share resources
  • Develop collaborative initiatives
  • Provide technical assistance on policies and practices related to the School Readiness quality components or seek those with expertise that can provide such assistance
  • Oversee the School Readiness      and Quality Enhancement grant application processes using the Connecticut      Office of Early Childhood template and following local bidding processes:
  • Provide outreach to the      community to assist families in the enrollment process for School      Readiness and other early care opportunities.
  • Meet regularly with      providers to provide a forum to:
  • Conduct regular site visits*      to monitor compliance with all of the School Readiness grant regulations      and develop action plans when appropriate.       The areas to be regularly monitored include:
    • Fiscal and policy       compliance
    • Staff qualifications
    • Attendance
    • Parent fees
    • Curriculum and assessment
    • Accreditation and approval       timelines
    • Licensing
    • Professional development
    • Program adherence to all       School Readiness Components: health, family literacy, nutrition, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned.


*The School Readiness Liaison is ultimately responsible for monitoring the individual sub-grantees.  While monitoring activities may be subcontracted out, those indicators related to the areas of Curriculum and Assessment must be assessed by someone with early childhood expertise and experience.

  • Collaborate with local      school systems and early care and education programs to develop and      implement the local transition to kindergarten plan.
  • Manage, maintain and archive      records.
  • Attend scheduled liaison      meetings to exchange information with Connecticut Office of Early      Childhood and respond to Connecticut Office of Early Childhood requests      for information
  • Support the development and      ongoing implementation of the community’s early childhood plan.
  • Represent the School      Readiness Council in the community and across the state.



Flexibility of schedule is important.  Coordinator may work days, evenings, and occasional Saturdays as programs demand.  This is a part-time position with no benefits.  Hours determined by program.


Person must possess excellent organizational skills and be able to communicate effectively with a range of audiences such as those cited above.


Background knowledge and experience in early childhood education required.  Experience with grant writing and monitoring preferred.


Adapted from the document developed collaboratively by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood and School Readiness Council Liaisons.



Early Childhood Opportunity (part-Time)

Hampton-Scotland School Readiness Coordinator

Serving the Towns of Hampton and Scotland, CT

Qualifications:   Bachelor’s degree required. Experience in early childhood programs and the ability to work collaboratively with families, community members, and agencies. Grant-writing skills.

Position:              Dependent upon annual funding from the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

Roles & Responsibilities:               Please visit Scotland School’s website link at Scotlandelementaryct.com for a full description.

Salary:                   Regionally Competitive

Applicants:          If interested, please submit the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Three letters of Reference

Application Submission:

Please submit applications to Richard E. Packman, Ed. D., one of the following three ways:

  • Mail to:

PO Box 97

Scotland, CT 06264

  • E-mail to:


  • Hand Deliver to:

68 Brook Road

Scotland, CT 06264

Closing Date for Application:

Until the position is filled.



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