Scotland Board of Education

            Policy Committee

           Meeting Agenda

   December 19, 2017, 6 p.m.

       Superintendent’s Office

  1. Call to Order


  1. Review BOE member comments regarding Policy 3100 Budget/Budgeting System for possible elimination of second paragraph and second read at the January 2018 BOE meeting.


  1. Review BOE member comments regarding Policies 9110, 9120, and 9122 regarding conflict regarding office of Vice-Chairperson and term of office of Officers and second read at the January 2018 BOE meeting.


  1. Review recommended edits to policy 6171.2 Special Education, Preschool Special Education for a first read at the January 2018 BOE meeting.


  1. Review a first draft of a possible new policy regarding a time line for new residents to establish residents and the payment of tuition.


  1. Discuss future agenda items.


  1. Set next meeting date


  1. Adjourn


Scotland Elementary School Board of Education

Scotland, Connecticut

Meeting Notice

Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 7:00PM
  1. Call to Order by Superintendent of schools
  2. Election of officers
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Celebrations
  5. Written Communications- School milk cooler letter to Board of Selectmen
  6. Communication with the Audience
  7. Additions to Agenda- Additional business may be considered at a regular meeting upon a 2/3 vote of those members of the board present and voting, per state statute.
  8. Approval of Minutes
  9. Finance Coordinator Report
    1. Financial Report
    2. Approval of Financial Statement
  10. Superintendent Report
    1. Error in 2017-2018 Calendar (Action Anticipated)
    2. Grade 6 participation in athletics at PHHS
    3. Resolve discrepancies in policies 1313 (Gifts to school personnel), 3313 (Business/Non-instructional operations), and 4118.13/4218.13 (personnel certified/non-certified) (Action Anticipated)
    4. Solar Panel Program
    5. Budget Timeline
    6. Review Policies 9110, 9120, and 9122 regarding discrepancies related to office of vice chairperson and terms of office for officers

G.     Review Policy 3100 Budget/Budget system for possible elimination of second paragraph

  1. Other
  1. Principal Report

A.     Professional Development update

B.     TEVAL Update

C.     Other

  1. Friends of SES Report
  2. New Business

A.     Group Medical/Dental Affiliation (Action Anticipated)

  1. Old Business

A.     Calendar of BOE Meeting dates (Action Anticipated)

B.     Authorization for Superintendent to investigate tuition costs and other consideration for Scotland Students at area high schools (Action Anticipated)

  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Tri-town BOE meeting update
    3. Readiness Council Report
    4. Policies Committee
    5. Personnel Committee
    6. Technology Committee
    7. Second Audience for Citizens
    8. Next Step Homework Assignments
  2. Next Meeting Agenda Items
  3. Adjournment


Persons requiring interpreters or related services call 860-423-0064 at least three (3) business days before the meeting.

Members of the public may address an issue on the agenda. The board may, at its discretion, limit the amount of time you will be allowed to speak. If you wish to speak on an item not listed on the agenda, you may do so at the end of the meeting during the Second Audience for Citizens.


Scotland Elementary School is committed to a policy of equal opportunity/affirmative action for all qualified persons and does not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, genetic information, veteran status, gender identity or expression or any other basis prohibited by Connecticut state and/or federal nondiscrimination laws. Each student is encouraged to develop and achieve individual educational goals. SES will provide every student with equal educational opportunities. No student will be excluded on such basis from participating in or having access to any course offerings, student athletics, counseling services, employment assistance, extracurricular activities or other school resources. Inquiries regarding Scotland School’s nondiscrimination policies should be directed to the Building Title IX coordinator, Jennifer Ridolfo, Scotland Elementary School, PO Box 97, Scotland, CT 06264, (860) 423-0064, the District Coordinator, Dr. Baran, or the Office for Civil Rights.













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