Board of Ed


Bryn Lipstreu, Chairman,  Scott Sears, Vice Chairman
Steven Kurcinik, Sean McVean, Anne Stearns, Sherry Smardon, Rod Perry, Cassidy Martin

Meet the Board:


Sherry Smardon


Education:  Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of New Hampshire
Have resided in Scotland for 13 years.
Joined the BOE in February 2010.

Joined the Board to make a difference in the lives and futures of Scotland children.

Rod Perry


Education:  University of Texas–Nursing Degree
Have resided in Scotland for “many moons”. Raised in Scotland and returned in 1981 to raise my family.
Joined the BOE in the mid-80s and rejoined in 2011.

Joined the board because it is important to have concerned citizens serve and work to provide the best education possible for our children.

Steven Kurcinik



Sean McVean


Education: Ohlone Community College in California and the “School of Hard Knocks, USA and Iraq”
Returned from Iraq on January 10, 2010 and have lived in Scotland ever since.
Joined the Board in January 2012.

I joined the Board because I wanted to see change in student treatment and have staff be accountable for their actions and statements. I believe that ALL students should be treated equally and properly by those teaching them and by those to whom we are entrusting our children’s continued educational development.

Scott Sears


Education:Graduate Degree–Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Have resided in Scotland since 2000.
Joined the Board in November 2011.

Joined the Board because my daughters were going to be attending school in Scotland and
I wanted to be involved in their educational process.

Anne Stearns


Education:  Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western Connecticut
6th Year (Educational Administration)—Southern Connecticut
Classes torwards PHD in Education—University of Connecticut

Have resided in Scotland for 25 years.

Joined the BOE in August 2013. Joined the Board to bring a unique perspective due to background in public education. Retired former teacher and school administrator. Currently serves as the educational surrogate for special education students involved with DCF.

Brynn Lipstreu

Bachelor of Science Child Psychology Degree from Eastern Connecticut State University
Bachelor of Arts Early Childhood/ Special Education Degree from Eastern Connecticut State University
Masters of Education Educational Leadership Degree from Southern New Hampshire University
6th Year Masters of Education Educational Technology with a Concentration in Digital Learning and Teaching (in process to be completed June 2016)
Have resided in Scotland for 13 years.
Joined the BOE in April of 2015.  I joined the Board to bring a fresh educational viewpoint to the table.  I have a desire to help Scotland provide a top notch education for all students to ensure they have a successful future.






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