Board of Ed


Cassidy Martin, Chairman,  Scott Sears, Vice Chairman
Sherry Smardon, William Trudelle, Rod Perry, Gracie Martin, Clark Stearns

Meet the Board:

Cassidy Martin:


Education:  University of CT – Studied Political Science

Resided in Scotland since 2000

Joined the BOE in 2018

Rod Perry:


Education:  University of Texas–Nursing Degree
Have resided in Scotland for “many moons”. Raised in Scotland and returned in 1981 to raise my family.
Joined the BOE in the mid-80s and rejoined in 2011.

Joined the board because it is important to have concerned citizens serve and work to provide the best education possible for our children.

Scott Sears:  Vice Chairman:


Education:Graduate Degree–Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Have resided in Scotland since 2000.

Joined the Board in November 2011.

Joined the Board because my daughters were going to be attending school in Scotland and I wanted to be involved in their educational process.

Sherry Smardon


Education:  Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of New Hampshire

Have resided in Scotland since 2000.

Joined the BOE in February 2010.

Joined the Board to make a difference in the lives and futures of Scotland children.

William Trudelle



Gracie Martin


Clark Stearns






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