April 24, 2022 Dear SES School Family,  





Tuesday, April 26th ZOOM School Readiness Council  

Meeting at 6:30 PM 

We return from spring vacation tomorrow Monday, April 25th. I  hope that you enjoyed some much needed rest and relaxation  during vacation. It has been a nice time to rejuvenate and prepare  for the blossoms of spring. April showers have brought us flowers  and fresh new scenery of spring.  

We are excited to actively continue our final stretch to summer.  This last marking period of school will provide a wonderful  learning time for all students. We will be challenging them to  complete their work at a higher level since three-quarters of the  year is behind us and they have learned so much up to this point.  Our 6th graders will be getting ready for middle school academics  and our preschool 4 year olds will be getting ready for  kindergarten. We will make sure that all students are ready for  their next level of achievement. 

I ask that you continue to encourage your students to be the best  version of themselves. We understand that this has been a  challenging year with starting out with COVID protocols like wearing masks, to easing up constraints, to bring us closer to our  new normal. Our wonderful staff and families are appreciated since  we would not have been able to make it this far without you. Your  support and perseverance to attend school full-time has been a  commitment to education and normalcy for all. We have  successfully managed in-person learning since the start of this  academic year. We have had a few bumps in the road with  sicknesses, but continued to persevere in providing the most  consistent educational journey possible with the least amount of  risk to one’s health. We appreciate our school community for your  continued support to a healthy school environment. 

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude for our teachers and staff at  SES. What a wonderful job they have been doing keeping students  engaged, learning, and excited about school each day during this  academic year. We are so lucky to have such a hardworking group  of individuals.  

Finally, if you have traveled please make sure that you take all the  necessary precautions before returning to school tomorrow. Feel  free to take a COVID test to make sure that your children are free  

from COVID. As always, do everything you can to stay safe and  healthy throughout our springtime. 

Warm wishes, 

Ann Knowles, Principal 

Wednesday, April 27th 

Author Visit with April Jones Prince for all  grades prek-6 

Sign language with Ms. Shaleen Gr. prek-2nd Administrative professional day celebration  of Ms. Deb Wright & Ms. Ashley Kammer 


Monday, May 2nd – Friday, May 6th 

National Teacher/Educator  

Appreciation Week 

Tuesday, May 3rd – 7:00 PM Board of Education  meeting in the school library and on Zoom 

Sunday, May 8th 

Mothers and  


enjoy your day! 

Monday, May 16th – Thursday, May 26th SBAC  Testing Window for Grades 3 – 6 

Wednesday, May 18th PTO Meeting at 7:00 PM in  the cafeteria & on ZOOM 

Friday, May 20th 10:00 AM High School Music  Concert presented by Parish Hill High School 

Monday, May 30th Memorial Day No School

Tuesday, May 31st  ZOOM School Readiness Council  Meeting at 6:30 PM 


AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE Scotland Elementary students in grades prek – 2nd grade are 

excited to be learning sign language from Ms. Shaleen. She visits weekly to teach our students sign language. Our lower school students are  learning ways to communicate effectively through signing. It will be a nice skill to learn for the remaining of this  academic year. 

Register Now 

Please contact Deb Wright at for a registration packet

Please help keep our school healthy. If  your child has any symptoms please  keep them home from school. COVID is  still around through our community  and we want to make sure not to  spread further through our school. 

Reminder: Please keep your child home  if any of these symptoms are present: Fever or chills  

Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing Fatigue Muscle or body aches 

Headache New loss of taste or smell Sore throat Congestion or runny nose Cough Nausea or vomiting Diarrhea 

We are working hard to keep our  school running smoothly. You can help  us by doing the following: Keep your  child home when sick and please call or  email ( if your child will be out. 

COVID Updates: 

Our region can experience a positive  rate of infection for COVID. Please  continue to adhere to safety protocols  for the assistance in spreading the  virus.  

School Counselor’s Corner: (Mrs. Chelsea Alejandro) Mrs. Alejandro is always available to any student that needs  support. Please feel comfortable reaching out to Chelsea directly at if your student is struggling academically  or socially. 




If you pay as  

you go,  

please bring  

only $1 for  

ice cream on  

the specific  

Friday that  

we have ice  

cream. We  

are not able  

OFFICERS:               UPCOMING EVENTS President: Selene Sullivan. April 30th – Paint Night Vice President: Brandy Blish Register NOW for Paint Night! 

Secretary: Jenn Ladd May 2nd –Teacher Appreciation Treasurer: Brittany Santiago. May 20th – Family Bingo Night Communication  

Coordinator: Jayme Horton  

NEXT PTO MEETING Wed. May 18th at 7 PM  in the School Cafeteria will be Zoomed 

Thank you to Sophie  

a therapy dog, and her 

handler Jan for visiting 

A special visitor came to visit briefly. His name is Gizmo a therapy dog. He is the main character in  the book Gizmo’s Pawesome Guide to Mental  Health. Each student is unique and sometimes  we need a little help from a friend like Gizmo. Every student received the book Gizmo’s  Pawesome for their own enjoyment. 

to take  

more than  that day for  ice cream. 

SES. Their brief visit was welcomed and enjoyed, as we learned about Sophie’s work as a therapy dog. 

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