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January 4, 2021

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to in-person! I would like to thank you for helping your children make the past four weeks of distance learning successful. We can only do so much from our side of the computer screen. With you as our educational partners, we can make distance learning work for the children of Scotland. We know that in-person learning is optimal but when the safety of children and staff is jeopardized, I believe we can be successful when we implement our distance learning plan and work together. As we re-open our building and begin 2021, our focus will, as always, be academics and the health/safety of our SES family. This week we will work to get back into a school routine. Keep fingers crossed that we are not interrupted with too many slippery and snowy days.

If you did any traveling out of state over the holidays, please carefully read the updated travel restrictions and updated quarantine guidelines for close contact information that was sent to everyone by email over the school break. We will strictly adhere to these guidelines at SES.

Regarding winter weather, please remember students must be properly dressed for outdoor recess.  It is important for children to get fresh air daily, so we will make every attempt to take them outside, unless the temperatures are frigid.  So, make certain that your children come to school prepared with winter coats, hats and mittens, as well as boots if there is snow on the ground.

It is my goal to get our Student Council up and running this month. If you have a student in grades 4 through 6, he/she can complete an application to run for a seat on the council. There are five council members elected from each of these three grades. Students in grades 4-6 and all adults in the building have one vote for a member of each class. It is democracy in action and taken very seriously by everyone in the building. Once elected, the council will elect their officers and begin planning their winter charitable event. In past years, they have held a food drive, a mitten drive, and a sock drive. The council members work together and make the decision. We also hope to begin ice cream sales at lunch on Thursdays again in February.

And finally, with the cold weather, it is often tempting to leave your car running in front of the building for a quick drop off/pick up during the day. Please refrain from that temptation as the vehicle fumes are pulled directly into the building by the ventilation system…unhealthy for all.

Happy New Year and thank you again for the gift of your children!

Mrs. Pinsonneault

January dates to remember:

1/18     No School—Martin Luther King, Jr. Day





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