Monthly Newsletters

October 2, 2020

Dear Families,

With the arrival of autumn, we are focused on learning, enjoying the weather, and saying healthy!  Thank you for your support with all of our new safety protocol. While this year is different, keeping our Scotland family as safe as we can is our focus.  Please help us with the morning drop off by having your child ready to exit the car as soon as you stop. This will keep the line moving smoothly. Also, do not leave the line and drive around cars waiting to drop off children. We have requested that children exit cars only from the passenger side, but there have been times when a child has jumped out of the driver’s side of a car. We do not want a tragedy, so please be patient and exit when you arrive at the front of the line. 

The month of October will begin with a visit from the Scotland Volunteer Fire Department. We are not yet certain of the date, but the children in our youngest grades (PreK, K, and grade 1) will have the opportunity to meet some of the fire personnel, see a Scotland Fire truck, and discuss some fire safety rules. Due to COVID-19 social distancing protocol, students in the older grades will not be visiting the smoke house this year.

This month will also include our annual “school picture” day.  This year all pictures will be taken outside for safety and social distancing. Picture day is scheduled for October 6th.  Keep your fingers crossed for a sunny day, but in case Mother Nature doesn’t agree, a rain date is scheduled for October 9th. Informational flyers went home with the children and Mrs. Wright emailed you with the October 6th date earlier this week.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 protocol, we will not be holding our fall fundraiser this year. The Friends of SES currently have a healthy treasury when they are able to once again, hold family activities.  I have not given up on our pig race. We will see how things are in the spring. As of now, whole school assemblies cannot be part of our school day.

Another victim of the COVID-19 pandemic is our annual special relative luncheon. Visitors are currently not permitted inside the building. Again, let’s hope that we can look forward to spring and the possible return of some of our annual events.

The month of October is anti-bullying month with different events scheduled throughout the country. One event that we can participate in is “wear blue day”. The National Wear Blue Day to support anti-bullying is Monday, October 5th.  I’m hoping we have a sea of blue on Monday as we definitely support anti-bullying at SES!

Well, enjoy this beautiful fall weather, stay healthy and thank you again for being part of the SES family!

Dates to remember:  No School on 10/12 and 10/13      

   Mrs. Pinsonneault





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