Please take pictures of some of your activities during this time…….send them to  and write a brief description of what you are doing to get through this.  I will post them here and then will pick  at least one from each family to put in the yearbook. (Don’t use any specific names please)

From the Coporale Family

From the Reid Family:

We’ve been keeping busy and staying positive with family time, hiking, biking, fishing, playing, having fun, celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter and Community hunt, Phoebe’s 7th birthday, staying connected with family and friends, distant learning, attending zoom for school and karate, tending to our honeybees and chickens, doing yard work and starting our garden.


From the Bojarski Family:


From Mrs. Yaworski:

IMG_5118 (2)

From the Sweat Family:

To keep busy she’s been baking, taking walks to the farm up the road, scootering, and jumping on the trampoline,

She is also becoming best friends with the dog!  That’s her all the way. They run in the yard together all the time, play tug of war, sneaks her up to her bedroom and brings her into her princess tent!

From the Deason Family:

We’ve been very busy making wind chimes, practicing our popsicle stick alphabet, went for a nature walk at Allanach, sorting hearts, practicing handwriting, Easter egg coloring and then hunting for them

From the O’Connor Family:

Mrs. O’Connor playing cards with her youngest daughter.



The O’Connor family going on a hike with their two dogs.



From the Sullivan Family:

Family time decorating Easter eggs, going on hikes on the Sprague River Ridge Trail, online learning and having some fun!

From the Lawrence Family:

The kids on their chrome books during lunch bunch with some of the SES staff last week. Doing homework while Mom is working doing her barn chores. There’s also a picture of the kids sitting together doing their work while mom was on her computer doing remote learning with her students. They also proudly made “Mt Manure”, from the manure pile. There’s actually a pulley system that opens a “gate” to enter.

From the Sears Family:

Easter parade, at the end with the Easter bunny, walking in the stream, dressing up for barn cleaning! Learning to sew! And iron! Walking in the woods looking for fairies!  Horseback riding in pajamas. It’s a new Olympic sport.
Math work in jammies. Scrapbook page development
Button flower projects.


From the Kohanski Family:

The Kohanski kid’s distance learning work area.


From the Frink Family:

The girls have been busy.. 😊 Hope you’re staying healthy and safe!

Making (well… drinking them) milk shakes! 😂
Making pudding pops with extra chocolate milk 🙂
Starting seeds for our garden
Little “PE” class in the hot tub!
We got a new pet guinea pig “Oreo”
Making slime!
Riding the quads for some fun outside 🙂


From the Murray Family:

We have been doing a bunch of stuff at home. Playing in the swing set, riding bikes, spending time with our family and dogs Jesse and Mandy.  Due to all of the St. Pattys day parades we made our own parade!  Mrs. H had the kids try and make a glitter bottle.  C and T tried to make it via face time but it didn’t work out so well so C made a positivity jar for the family.  We also did some positive sayings with side walk chalk.












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