6th Annual Pig Race/Schoolwide Fundraiser

“Cowabunga cows have returned to SES with new, exciting cows! These cool cows are working hard to make the Friends of SES fundraiser a huge success. Here is how the cows are helping. When the children turn in orders for the fundraiser, they get a Cowabunga cow.  They can earn a cow on three consecutive Fridays if they turn in at least one order on each of those Fridays. During the three week fundraising period, Mrs. Pinsonneault announces the “Cowabunga” cow of the day each morning after the announcements.  Whomever has the cow of the day gets double raffle tickets.  If Mrs. Pinsonneault sees you with any cow throughout the day, you get one raffle ticket or double tickets if you have the cow of the day.  When the students get a raffle ticket, they put their name on it and put it in the raffle bin in the office.  At the end of the week, a name is pulled to win a large stuffed animal. We have a number of wonderful prizes for lucky “Cowabunga Cow” holders when they win!

Again, we also have the SES Limo. When a students sells 10 items they get to fill out a special raffle ticket.  If your name is pulled at the end of the fundraiser, Mrs. Pinsonneault will be your personal chauffeur and “drive” you from class to class all day long!!

The amount of orders in each class determines your starting place in the Pig Race. The top three fundraising classes will earn a staggered start for their racing pigs.The class that earns the most money will get the biggest head start for its pig! Our sixth annual SES Pig Race will take place in January in the gym.  All are invited to join us and cheer on the pigs as they dash for the finish line and the championship trophy!



Fundraiser Kickoff

October 10th, 2019


























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